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5 Signs Your Multifunction Printer Needs A Service!

A multifunction printer breakdown could affect your whole work process. It will cost your business a waste of time and money. That is why it is advisable to maintain your multifunction printer regularly. Any problem with the multifunction printer should also be treated as soon as possible. The earlier you catch the problem, the faster you could get it repaired. Here are five common signs your multifunction printer needs repair:

Unwanted Lines and Blots

The last things you want on your printed or copied documents are extra lines or blots. They will ruin the whole document. When you notice this, it is a sign there is a problem with the ink rollers of your multifunction printer. They are either loose or breaking off. To solve this problem, you need to get the ink rollers replaced as soon as possible.

Too Light or Too Dark Printouts

Any issues related to the lightness or the darkness of your printouts could be related to an imbalance in the density controls on the multifunction printer. Make sure first the settings of your multifunction printer were not altered. Reset the density level. If the problem still persists, the drum of your multifunction printer could be reaching the end of its life. It could also be the toner. In both cases, you should call the repair service immediately.

Regular Paper Jams

Getting a paper jammed every now and then is normal. It usually occurs, because the multifunctioning printer is overfilled or the paper was not inserted properly. However, if the paper jams start becoming frequent, then it is a sign of a problem with your multifunction printer. You should get it checked by a professional.

Unusual Noises

When your multifunction printer starts making abnormal noises, it is a sign of a problem. Weird whirs or grinding sounds usually mean there is a mechanical problem with the device. Over time, it could get worse. Therefore, it is advisable to get your multifunction printer repaired as soon as you notice any abnormal sound.

Low and Inconsistent Performance

It is so frustrating when the multifunction printer stops in the middle of work. This problem could stop the workflow of the office in the middle of the day. There might be a broken part inside the printer. Therefore, you should get your multifunction printer checked, as soon as you notice its performance level getting low.

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