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5 Things You Might Not Know About Document Management!

Many businesses still depend on physical filing, organising and storing of all their documents. Manual handling of documents is not just a waste of resources. It is also inefficient or ineffective. This is why professional document management for businesses is necessary.

It does not matter how many folders, envelopes and filing cabinets you purchase. Your office will still get cluttered, and the documents will get into a mess over time. You will not be able to quickly find the files you need on time. With the right document management, you can overcome all these obstacles. 

Document management is like having a virtual filing cabinet —it gives your better control over security, organisation, accessibility and storage of documents. 

Here are five reasons why your business needs document management:


Just like any type of technology, of course, you will need to pay money to benefit from document management. However, document management systems are now becoming more and more affordable. As the demand for document management systems is increasing worldwide, their prices are dropping. Compared to all the benefits you will get from document management, it is considered a wise investment.  


Unquestionably, environmental responsibility should be a part of your business goals. Document management can get you started on cutting down waste. You can easily manage your files digitally. There is no need to print various copies of each document to store it or share it around. You can do all that and much more with document management. 

Data Saving and Recovery

Physical documents can easily get lost or destroyed. Without a digital backup, your business might lose these documents forever. Document management systems not only cover data storage and sharing. Data backup and disaster recovery are also a part of document management solutions. 

Higher Security

Unlike paper documents, securing digital files is easy. On the other hand with document management, you will be able to keep all your sensitive data protected. Document management provides you with better control over your files. You can choose to grant or deny access to certain documents to selected groups and individuals. With document management, you will also get an audit trail. It enables you to trace who accessed the file, viewed and how it has been modified. 


By getting document management solutions for businesses, you will actually save money. For businesses, time is money. Without document management, your employees will spend a lot of time searching for the right file. Aside from that, document management also allows your employees to access files remotely.

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As a result of using Toshiba’s document management software, your business will enjoy all these benefits and much more. Our specialists can assess the flow of documents in your organisation. Accordingly, they will develop long-term document management improvement strategies for you. 


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