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5 Things You Need to Consider When Opening Your First Office!

You’ve started your business, and it’s time to expand your start-up to a place of your own! Small business offices are an exciting aspect for any business owner. From finding the perfect location, through to choosing your design layout the process while, exciting can prove to be a little overwhelming. Your professional office will also provide your new business with a sense of legitimacy. 

But, when it comes to factors that influence the overall productivity in your office, you can’t neglect the importance of a proper work environment. Making sure your office meets some of these high criteria may seem like a never-ending process. However, putting the effort in at the start can do wonders in making your job a lot easier later on! 

Are you thinking about starting up your own office? We have listed a few things you should consider to give yourself, your business and your team the best chance possible. 

Location, Location, Location! 

It’s said that the most important thing about any real estate is its location. Depending on your business, your office location can be what wins (or loses) you the job! For example, a marketing firm would be somewhat expected to be located either within or just outside the city rather than in the middle of nowhere. It needs to be easily accessible to their clients. While having a city-fringe location may cost a little more, it will improve your business prestige. 

The First Impression

When you first lease (or purchase) an office space, it’s important to remember that your business headquarters is not just a place for you to come to work. It is also space where your clients and partners may meet you for the first time. It is why it is essential to choose an area that will make a positive impression. To do so, you need to take some time and spend some money, ensuring that your business looks professional. You also want it to represent who you are as a brand and make an excellent first impression! 


Many business owners underestimate the critical role the right furniture and equipment can play in your business. Sure, you can furnish your office with low-end gear, but in the long run, frugality will not always work to your advantage.

Invest in office ergonomics for yourself and your staff (you’ll thank us later!). Also, consider purchasing or leasing equipment that is beneficial and functional to your business. Think about the types of machines and technology you need to function on a day to day basis and speak with a professional about your options. 

Here at Copyworld, we have been helping Australian business owners with their multifunction printing, cloud computing and IT needs for years! 

If you’re looking to start up a new office space for your business, no matter the size, give the team at Copyworld a call today! We can help you get the equipment and technology you need to see your business thrive! 


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