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Barcode Printers That Will Keep Your Business Running Smoothly!

Having a barcode printer at hand in your business can be a huge plus! But which bar code should you get? With the considerable amount of options out there, finding one that fits your needs can be a challenge. There’re a lot of factors involved in making a decision.

You need to consider the type of labels you’ll print, desired type of printer, and the number of labels you’ll be printing daily. Overall you should narrow down your barcode printer search to the options that best fit your needs.

Here are some of our top recommendations for your barcode printer purchase:


If you’ll be needing to print large labels, the B-852 is an excellent option. With this printer, you’ll be able to print large labels at high speed while maintaining a high level of quality.

Its robust build makes it extremely resistant to damage and guarantees durability. Powerful networking capabilities, easy maintenance and low ownership cost make it an excellent option for all kinds of businesses.

Specs to consider:

Standard Connectivity: USB, Parallel, Ethernet

Maximum Speed: 4 ips (150 mm/sec)

Dimensions (W x D x H): 386.1 x 243.8 x 66.1 mm

Max. Print Length: 640 mm

Ribbon Length: 300 m


Is your business committed to the environment? If so, sticking to a printer that aligns to your green views is a must. In this case, Toshiba’s B-EX4D2 is a perfect choice. With ENERGY STAR compliance and “carbon-zero” printing, you could not do any better.

Besides being environmentally friendly, this bar code printer is packed with the latest thermal printing tech! Thermal printing means that your operating costs will be significantly reduced. All without sacrificing print quality. The labels printed on this device are up to the highest standards. Add this to its top speed printing capability and low maintenance needs, and you’ve got a winner!

Specs to consider:

Standard Connectivity: USB2.0 & Ethernet as standard with Optional Parallel, Wireless LAN, RS-232C, RTC & USB host and Expansion I/O

Maximum Speed: 12 ips (304 mm/sec)

Dimensions (W x D x H): 276.9 x 309.9 x 459.7 mm


Are you worried about purchasing a barcode printer and it not holding up to heavy work? With Toshiba’s B-EX6 you don’t have to worry. This industrial barcode printer can handle all your heavy duty industrial printing. If high demand is your main concern, there’s no better choice for you.

Not only is B-EX6 a powerful beast of a machine, but it’s also extremely durable, well-built and cost-effective. This printer also features Toshiba’s web tension control guaranteeing thermal ribbon crease-free prints.

Its high printing speed, advanced processing capabilities and heavy-duty adaptability make this printer one of Toshiba’s best creations. Despite its advanced tech, this printer is still easy to use and provides low ownership costs.

Specs to consider:

Standard Connectivity: USB, Ethernet
Optional: RS232, Bluetooth, Mobile phone app and Centronics Interface

Maximum Speed: 12 ips (305 mm/sec)

Dimensions (W x D x H):331 x 460 x 310 mm

Max. Print Length: 1,490 mm

Ribbon Length: Standard 600m, Optional 800m

Direct and Thermal Transfer Models

Why Choose Toshiba Barcode Printers?

Toshiba barcode printers offer the best performance at all levels. Whether you need a basic model or an advanced industrial printer, you’ll find unparalleled quality, speed and user-friendliness all across different models.

At Copyworld we have all the barcode printers you could wish for! Contact us and let us help you find a device fit for you!


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