Recently, most companies have primarily gone digital. However, printers still play an essential part of any office. Multifunction printers today do not only copy, print and scan documents. They can also be connected to the internet or your internal wireless network to enable you to share files digitally.

Toshiba is one of the oldest and most known Japanese brands for electrical products. Its products have a reputation of being very resilient and reliable. The Toshiba multifunction printers are no different. Toshiba is known in the market for always introducing innovative features and continually raising the bar in the multifunction printers industry.

The award-winning line of e-STUDIO multifunction printers is what helped Toshiba establish its name in the highly competitive printer market. Here are some of the best Toshiba multifunction printers for 2020:


These eco-conscious multifunction printers come with award-winning, innovative hybrid printing technology. They are the world’s first printers to offer regular printing as well as temporary, erasable printing. Businesses often require printed documents for temporary use, such as proofreading or reviewing. Toshiba noted that business need and addressed it with the e-STUDIO5008LP.

These multifunction printers use erasable blue toner for temporary documents. To print permanent documents, the regular black toner is used. The erasable toner enables you to reuse the same paper multiple times. It will save you paper costs and will generate less waste.


The Elevate user interface on these multifunction printers won Toshiba the “Innovative Product of the Year” award. This customizable interface allows you to tailor the multifunction printer, according to your requirements easily. You can simply automate your current business processes and any tasks you frequently do. This will enhance the efficiency of your business workflow.

These multifunction printers come with a unique embedded optical character recognition (OCR) feature. It enables you to easily create searchable PDFs or editable documents, such as Microsoft Word.


Toshiba offers a combination of user-friendly and environmentally-friendly features with these multifunction printers. The dual-scan document feeder, for example, allows you to scan a double-sided page in one single pass through the scanner feeder. This will cut the required scanning time in half.

The 4GB memory storage and 320GB self-encrypting hard disk drive make these multifunction printers the perfect choice for large print jobs. It will also be beneficial if your printed documents contain many images.

One of the most notable features of these multifunction printers is the user-friendly interface. The tilting display, colour touchscreen, and pullout keyboard make this interface very similar to operating a smartphone or a tablet.

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