Nowadays, businesses rely heavily on technology, especially in 2020. If this year has taught business owners anything, your IT system should always be flexible and ready to face any challenges. As your business requirements evolve, you need a reliable Managed IT Support provider. Otherwise, your business cannot keep up with the rapid changes and growing cyber threats.

Copyworld is a trusted local provider of Managed IT Support services. Our main goal is to deliver premium end to end IT solutions to local businesses. We want to help them grow and manage their daily operations more efficiently. The Managed IT Support services we provide are highly flexible and fully customizable. Together with you, we will find the most suitable Managed IT Support agreement for your business needs. From ad hoc IT support all the way through to an entirely outsourced and fully supported local cloud solution, we can do it all. 

Here are some of the ways our Managed IT Support services will help you manage your business more efficiently:


In our Managed IT Support system, we adopt a ‘pay as you go’ model. This means you will only pay for the Managed IT Support services you currently use. Moving forward,  as your business needs change, you can quickly expand or reduce your Managed IT Support services. This will lower your expenses as you only pay for your needs. 

Small businesses will not have to burden their budget with huge IT costs. Instead, you can concentrate your resources on core business activities. As your Managed IT Support provider, we have all the resources, software and hardware required to fulfil your needs. 

Proactive Approach

With an in-house IT department, your business will only be able to handle the issues as they arise. Depending on your employees’ expertise, it might take a few minutes or a few hours to fix the problem. This means regular, long downtimes in your business operations.

Part of our Managed IT Support services is to find and fix issues before they become problems. We act proactively to prevent the issues from interrupting your business activities. This means less or no downtimes for your business. 

Disaster Management and Data Recovery

Nowadays, data is a digital asset of any business. That is why you should always keep it safe and secure. It does not have to be a cyber-attack. Accidents do happen. Without an effective data recovery plan in place, data loss – forever – is likely to happen. 

As your Managed IT Support providers, we will protect your data. You can depend on us for your system security and data recovery. We will completely back up your data on the cloud. Quickly restore your data, whenever you need to. Thus, eliminate the fear of data loss.

Run your business more efficiently with our Managed IT Support services. 

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