It’s common knowledge that regular system backups are critically important. But if you’re simply backing up your files or data to a nearby external hard drive, USB drive or even another computer, you’re doing it wrong. 

While that backup may get you back on your feet if your computer dies, your files are still vulnerable when stored in a single physical location. Whether it’s an external hard drive, USB flash drives, or even a file server in your home or office, there’s still a single point of failure. Any damage or theft that occurs at your home or office can lead to the complete loss of all your important files. Even if your data is stored in two separate physical locations, there’s still the potential of a physical device being stolen, destroyed or corrupted.

This is why it’s critically important to consider cloud-based data storage for your business. Also known as “off-site” storing, disaster recovery in the cloud or recovery-as-a-service (RaaS), the cloud offers the ability to have your files stored in two physical locations far apart from each other, meaning that even if your home or office burns down or is flooded, there will always be a copy of those important files in a safe and secure location.

Dedicated Cloud Servers in Adelaide and Perth

Copyworld offers the service of setting up a dedicated cloud server for 12-24 month periods, complete with backup server upgrade roadmaps. A dedicated cloud service provides your business with the ability to store, maintain, backup and access critical data from anywhere in the world with internet access.

One of the biggest advantages of having cloud-based storage is that it can significantly reduce costs, making it ideal for small and medium enterprises. Cloud storage reduces costs by eliminating the need for individualized disaster recovery initiatives, providing a cost-effective virtual infrastructure to host your files rather than a host of physical production servers or devices. Cloud storage costs about three cents per gigabyte to store data internally. Further savings are seen due to reduced operating costs via reduced paper consumption and because cloud storage doesn’t consume energy the same way a physical server would. Even bandwidth is saved due to the ability to directly access files from the cloud, rather than having to constantly transfer large files via email or programs like DropBox in order to access them from multiple computers.

Cloud Storage Reduces Downtime

But the biggest benefit to depending on Copyworld for our cloud-based storage and disaster recovery services is the peace of mind that comes from eliminating risk and achieving greater system stability. With a second backup of your important files in a separate physical location, you know you always have a dependable last line of defence in the case of a natural disaster, data breach or hardware failure. This reduces potential downtime and increases client confidence due to higher predictability.

Drag and Drop Cloud Storage

Lastly, our cloud storage and emergency disaster recovery systems are designed to be simple and easy to use. Our cloud storage works by simply dragging and dropping files from your local system to our cloud storage, making them accessible to even the most IT-wary employee. We can even set it up so that your data is regularly backed up automatically, so you can set it, forget it and know that you’ll always have a recent backup to depend on. Our cloud-based storage services can be catered to be the right fit for your business, no matter the size, so that your customers and clients can rely on your businesses services to be back online quickly no matter the scenario.