In 2020, Managed IT Services, such as cloud storage, are not just complementary to businesses. They are essential. Cloud storage is the most convenient and efficient way for any business to store data online, regardless of its size. It allows you to store data on servers that can be maintained and accessed remotely. However, this ease of access does not mean your business will sacrifice on security. To the contrary, cloud storage provides better levels of safety and data security


With cloud storage, you will not just save time and money. Your business will also save on office space. Compared to storing everything on your own servers, cloud storage is more cost-efficient. The service provider will let you use their servers. You will not have to purchase your own hardware. Additionally, you will not have to hire extra employees to maintain the servers. Your cloud storage provided by your managed IT services provider will take care of all that. 


Outsourcing your storage needs will take a lot of hassle off your shoulders. Cloud storage will enable your business to focus its resources more on core activities. No need for your employees to handle data safety and server maintenance. With cloud storage, you will just pay for the amount of storage and services your business is currently using. Over time, you can quickly expand your cloud storage services, according to your business needs —no need to move your data from one location to another. Cloud storage allows you to upgrade the space to add extra features effortlessly. 


Unlike what you might think, cloud storage is more safe and secure than other types of data storing. Your cloud storage service provider has enterprise-level security. They save and backup your data across various servers. So even if one server collapses, your data will be quickly recovered by other data centres. On the other hand, if you store your data on your in-house servers, the data loss risk will be higher. 


Nowadays, you cannot tie your business activities to just one computer or device. Your employees need to be able to access the data from anywhere. With cloud storage, your data can be accessed from any device, such as computers, laptops or mobiles. You just need to be connected to the internet. 

If this year has taught businesses anything, it is that mobility is critical. Cloud storage enables employees to work from any location at any given time. It is also possible to get cloud storage, as some providers offer file-sharing features. They will help your employees share files with other users. 

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