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Do Modern Offices Still Need Printers?

From programmability to robust security, multifunction printers are an important cornerstone of any modern office, especially with how many Australians work in the office from home or remote sites.

Modern printers are versatile devices, able to do anything from faxing to scanning and copying.
Yet, with modern businesses becoming more digital-focused and many striving for paperless offices, the question of whether businesses still need multi-function printers comes up.

For the near future, we predict that Toshiba multifunction printers will still be relevant and useful to most businesses. This is due to their sheer versatility and the robust technology supporting multifunction printers. From programmability to robust security, multifunction printers are an important cornerstone of any modern office, especially with how many Australians work in the office from home or remote sites.

1.    Automate Workflow and Improve Efficiency

Basic tasks such as emailing and scanning can be tedious and chew up your employees’ valuable time. When you combine Toshiba’s innovative e-STUDIO printers with their intelligent e-BRIDGE software, many repetitive tasks can be made easier.

Tasks that the user would once need to process manually can be automated with Toshiba devices freeing up employee time for other tasks. Everyone makes mistakes but machines will perform the same tasks exactly as prescribed. By automating most of the process, you reduce the risk of human error. With the touch of a button you can automate scanning and emailing from e-STUDIO devices.

Another advantage of the robust technology supporting MFPs is Managed Print Services (MPS). According to surveys, 41.5% of office workers state that they waste too much time on printer issues. Managed print services such as Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE Fleet Management System can improve productivity and reduce downtime.

If you’re wondering what Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE Fleet Management System can do for your business you should read our previous article. MPS plans are great for reducing the workload of IT departments as printer issues can tie up their time. Contact the experts at Copyworld to find out how your business can enjoy outsourcing the management, maintenance and support of your printer.

2.    Secure your Sensitive Documents

In today’s business environment it’s not only big corporations that need to secure their sensitive data. Data security is becoming more important as businesses incorporate more into the online environment. In recent surveys, 88% of workers said that it is important information in their office remains secure. While you can shred physical documents to prevent third parties from obtaining them, what about your digital files?

If your business often prints sensitive documents such as financial, legal, health or private business information, security should be a high priority. Toshiba devices come equipped to prevent sensitive data from being compromised. With advanced 256-bit encryption and decryption data stored on the MFPs hard drive is secure from outside access. Plus, with Data Overwrite Kit and IP filtering, Toshiba devices are packed with robust security features. If you’d like to know more, find out how Toshiba prevents data breaches.

Cloud storage has become popular for businesses in recent years as it offers benefits for both security and efficiency. With cloud solutions, it’s easy to print from or scan and have it available on your computer or mobile device. Plus, it’s simple to locate documents with search functions. Copyworld has extensive experience in cloud storage and can help you determine if cloud or on-site storage is best for your business.

With conventional printers, it can be easy for sensitive printed documents to fall into the wrong hands. By the time the person printing makes their way to the printer, it could have been mistakenly or deliberately removed and be anywhere in or out of the office. With innovative security features such as Toshiba’s SecurePrint, you can avoid situations like these. When using SecurePrint the device will receive the print job but queue it until the user presents their ID card and a secure PIN to ensure the print goes to the intended recipient.

3.    The Future is Mobile

Cloud solutions have changed the workplace landscape forever. According to reports, 1 in 3 Australians often work from home or on a remote site. With so many workers that only head to the office for meetings or to pick up important documents having remote access to office printers and documents is crucial for modern offices. Toshiba looks to the future when designing their devices. Most e-STUDIO MFPs are Wi-Fi enabled, allowing devices to connect and print with them. Plus, with Google Drive connectors available users can print directly from their mobile devices without needing extra apps or drivers.

Printing is only a small part of the package that MFPs provide. Their versatility and the innovative technology supporting them makes MFPs a cornerstone of any modern office’s operations. If you’re interested in getting a Multi-Function printer for your business or cloud storage and Managed Print Services, contact the experts at Copyworld today. They can help you find the right solutions for your business at competitive prices.


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