e-BRIDGE Accounts

Track usage, manage costs, reduce wastage – all in one easy package!

  • Monitor usage and manage costs across your e-STUDIO fleet
  • Simple 5 digit schema for departments and users
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Tabular and Graphical reports
  • Simple and intuitive user interface with easy to use wizards
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e-BRIDGE Accounts

Toshiba e-BRIDGE Accounts

With e-BRIDGE Accounts you can easily consolidate user data from multiple Toshiba e-STUDIO devices. You can then generate detailed usage reports by user, department and device using its simple built-in wizards.

Plan costs and allocate resources efficiently by gathering usage reports by paper size, colour/monochrome and by function and comparing historical activity.

Reports are displayed in tabular or graphical views and can be easily exported to CSV to be incorporated into MS Office files or saved as a PDF.

The great range of features e-BRIDGE Accounts provides makes it ideal for a wide range of applications. General offices can cut down on waste by gaining greater control over device usage. Corporate offices can establish seamless cost control through detailed reports of all functions and use of colour/monochrome, acting as a deterrent for misuse of company resources. Schools can identify usage by classroom or department and manage resources accordingly. 

e-BRIDGE Accounts Brochure

e-BRIDGE Accounts is a simple yet effective soft- ware application allowing you to monitor usage and manage costs of your e-STUDIO MFD Fleet.

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