Are you looking for a new printer for your office? Today, office printers come in a wide range of choices, models and features. This makes the hunt for the right printer for your needs more challenging and confusing. 

Knowing what key aspects to look for in a printer is essential. It will guide you and help you choose one printer that suits all of your different requirements. Here are a few features that will help you evaluate different office printers:

Print Resolution

The quality of the printed document or image varies from one printer to another. You can choose the suitable print quality, according to the nature of your business and your requirements.

Print resolution is measured in Dots Per Inch (DPI). It indicates how accurately the office printer can replicate the pixel of the source document. Office printers with higher DPI offer a better print quality. 

Printing Speed

Waiting for a large document to print can be frustrating. It will not only waste the time of your employees but also reduces their productivity. If your business prints a significant number of documents with dozens of pages, then printing speed is critical for you. The speed of office printers is measured in Pages Per Minute (PPM). Printing documents with texts take less time than printing images. That is why you should check the PPM speed of different page structures.

Wireless Connectivity

If you have a medium or large business, then office printers with USB or wired connectivity are not practical for you. Nowadays, some office printers offer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. These allow you to print from local mobile devices. Office printers that support Cloud Print let you print documents remotely. This option comes in handy, especially when you are away from the office.


Today, office printers can do more than just print. Purchasing a multi-function printer will also enable you to copy, scan, and even send faxes, using the same machine. Multi-function office printers come at a higher price tag. However, they will save you the cost of purchasing a scanner, a copier, a fax machine separately. Combining many functions in one device will save you also office space. 


Some office printers, for example, come with the options of duplex printing. This feature allows you to print on both sides of the paper automatically. It can cut down your office paper cost and waste in half. 

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