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Everything You Need to Consider Before Purchasing a New Office Printer

With the world now using more paperless forms of communication, especially in business, it can be easy for business owners to overlook the need of a printer in their office. While the printer may be something that we tend to ignore or forget about in our business, it plays a fundamental role. So, when the time comes to purchasing a new office printer, it is essential that you select a particular model that can stand up to the demands of your office.

However, choosing the right printer for your medium-sized office can be an overwhelming decision to make. If not considered carefully, it can result in an uninformed decision that causes frustration, unneeded expenses and hampered productivity.

Here at Copyworld, we have over 30 years of industry experience and have helped hundreds of Australian offices find their ideal printer. Our expert and trained team will take the time to understand your office environment and working dynamic, to recommended a printer that will enhance productivity and meet all of your printing needs.

To help you start the process, we’ve listed a few considerations you may need to think about when purchasing a new medium-sized office printer for your business. Keep reading to find out more:

Inkjet Or Laser

While there isn’t too much of price variance between these two models, which one you select will be determined by the type of ink you plan on using. Toners and ink cartridges are something that you will need to replace from time to time, and both can vary in price, so we recommend you choose one that is most in line with your business budget.

How Many Functions Do You Want?

It is essential to think about the sort of functions your office needs. For example, some businesses only require a printer and photocopier, while others may require a machine that can scan, fix, print and photocopy all in one. Look at the types of devices you already have and what your office needs before purchasing. For example; There’s no point buying an all in one printer if you already have all of the individual machines.

Office Size

Your office size and how much room you can designate for the new printer will also dictate the size of the printer you can purchase. If people in your workplace are mainly working from a laptop and are continually on the go, a smaller printer may be best suited, however, if you’re a large office with significant printing demands, consider looking at a machine a little bigger.


The type of paper and the size of the paper your business uses may require you to purchase a specific printer. For example, a graphic designer or printing company would need a much more substantial printer than that of a regular office.

Copyworld Has Your Printing Needs Sorted!

If you’re looking to invest in a high-quality printer for your office, Copyworld has a solution! No matter if you’re looking for a small, medium or large-sized printer, our professional team has the training and expertise to find you your perfect fit. Get in contact or visit us in store today!


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