Multifunction printers are widely known for their fantastic versatility of use in the Adelaide workplace. For those lacking the space or budget to purchase or rent several pieces of equipment, multifunction printers are the way to go. Not only are multifunction printers convenient, but they are also fast, powerful and highly capable. Many multifunction printer devices perform at high speed and produce high-quality images.

What few consider, though, is just how much function you can get out of this kind of device. Modern multifunction printers can do a lot more than handle your Adelaide printing and copying needs. In the article below, we’ll highlight MFP’s less used functions to help you make the most out of your device.

The Many Features of Multifunction Printers to Look for in Your Adelaide Office Device


Besides being able to print and copy colour and black and white documents, your Adelaide multifunction printer can be used as a communication device. This type of device allows you to fax documents to different locations. While many disregard this function due to the low current use of fax machines, it is highly convenient to have a faxing option available when needed.


Nowadays, the digital workplace is of vital importance. For most Adelaide businesses, keeping digital copies of company documents is necessary. The scanning capabilities of your multifunction printer are invaluable when it comes to the digital storage of forms, contracts and more. This way, you can quickly adapt handwritten documents to digital form and store them through cloud solutions or other kinds of filing.

App and Software Integration

Just like everything else, printing devices are adapting to modern needs and technology. Most new multifunction printing devices have available software and app integrations that come in handy in the workplace. These functions alone are enough to motivate Adelaide businesses to update their multifunction printers.

Some of the functions you can get with new MFPs include document email communication, mobile phone integration, document organization and more. Standard work processes can also be simplified with the aid of tablet or smartphone apps.

In Conclusion

Are you considering renting a multifunction printer for your Adelaide office? Getting well acquainted with your device’s many functions will help you make the most out of every task. With CopyWorld, you get access to the most modern multifunction printer devices for reasonable prices. We’ll not only install the printer for you but also guide you in its use. If you face any issues or have any questions regarding your device, our Adelaide printer experts will be happy to assist you. Rent the perfect multifunction printer for your office or business at CopyWorld. For more information, you can contact us at 08 8333 8800 or send us an inquiry through our contact form here.