An office multifunction printer plays a very vital role in the day to day business operations. Your office multifunction printer most likely plays an integral part in the work done in your firm. Your multifunction printer is used to print out documents, memos, meeting notes etc. Because of its importance, you don’t want your multifunction printer acting up. And how do you prevent your multifunction printer from acting up? By taking care of it!

You shouldn’t neglect taking care of your multifunction printer, and it can be hard if you don’t know how to. In this guide, we will be giving you tips on how to take care of your multifunction printer. Keep on reading to find out how to care for your office’s multifunction printer.

Regular Wiping Down

One mistake a lot of people make with their multifunction printer is that they don’t clean it regularly. Just like any piece of equipment, multifunction printers need regular cleaning. You should clean the exterior and interior of your multifunction printer as soon as you see stains forming on them. What do you use to clean your printer? Microfiber cloths. 

You need to use microfiber cloths because they are very soft and don’t leave residues. You should not use paper towels to clean your printer because they will leave scratches. Regular wiping down will ensure there is no build-up on your printer bed or exterior.

Cleaning the Interior of Your Office’s Multifunction Printer

Multifunction printers use ink, and you all know how messy ink can be. The paper rollers inside a multifunction printer tend to get dirty fast, and this can be a problem. When the paper rollers of your multifunction printer are dirty, the documents you print will come out looking messy. Dirty paper rollers cause nasty ink smudges on your copy, and you don’t want that.

Regular cleaning down of your paper rollers is required to prevent messy print outs. Open your multifunction printer and clean down the rollers with alcohol wipes.

Professional Care

At the end of the day, you can only care for your multifunction printer as much as you can. Your multifunction printer will still require a professional touch because there are some problems you can’t solve. Sometimes, it’s the software or hardware of your printer that’s having issues, and you can’t fix that. Have a professional come into your office to take a look at your multifunction printer regularly.

Are you having problems with your office’s multifunction printer?

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