The modern, multifunction printers of today are not only fast, but also extremely efficient and easy to operate, meaning they will prove beneficial and useful to everyone. You and your team will also benefit from the space saved with a multifunction printer, reducing the number of other devices your office requires.

However, when it comes to finding the right multifunction printer for your Adelaide business, it can appear to be a difficult task – but it doesn’t have to be this way!

How much you choose to spend on your multifunction printer is entirely up to you, your budget and your business requirements. Here at Copyworld, we have been working in the printing industry for well over 30 years, meaning that we have a deep understanding about multifunction printing devices and can work with you one on one to help ensure you choose the perfect device for your business.

Below, we have created an easy to follow guide to multifunction printers. Keep reading to find out more:

Which Types of Multifunction Printers Are Available?

Multifunction Inkjet Printers:

These types of printers are the most common in the marketplace, usually because they are the most affordable multifunction devices that offer users sufficient quality for everyday use.

Inkjet printers can produce exceptional detail when printing images and colours, making it perfect for those in a creative industry where there is a need for high-quality pictures for documents such as client reports.

These types of printers do require you to replace the ink cartridges as needed, so it may be wise to think about your printer usage before purchasing.

Multifunction Laser Printers:

Laser printers don’t use ink cartridges; instead, they use a toner cartridge. These devices prove to be a more cost-effective option compared to inkjet printers. Something to think about if you’re printing in high volumes, or have budget restrictions.

Consider These Points

The different features on multifunction printers will determine the quality, capability, cost and longevity of your machine. When selecting a new multifunction device, it is essential to consider the size and capabilities it offers to ensure it aligns with your business needs.

If you’re finding yourself a little overwhelmed by the process, be sure to discuss your multifunction printing needs with a highly experienced professional from Copyworld! We work hard to ensure that your business needs are met and you are left satisfied.

Where to Buy Your New Multifunction Printer?

So, if you’re looking to purchase a new multifunction device for your business, look no further than the 30 years of industry experience offered at Copyworld! Call or visit our friendly team today!