If you want to know how essential your office printer is, just imagine if it breaks down. Trying to print at a third-party company will not just be inconvenient. It will cost your business a fortune. That is why; you always need to make sure your printer is in top shape.

As a start, you need to choose a reliable, high-quality printer for your office. It does not matter if your business is big or small, you should be able to count on a well-working printer. However, even a good quality printer will still need some maintenance from time to time. 

Here are some basic maintenance tips to ensure your office printer will stay in top shape:

Use Quality Paper

Some people think they can save money, by using cheap, low-quality paper for the printer. Over time, low-quality paper will cost you more. It can leave a residue of dust in the printer causing paper jams. That is why you need to buy your paper from a trusted supplier.

Buy Toners Meant for Your Office Printer

When it comes to toners, quality is essential. Cheap toners can cause ink clogging. They will ruin the print quality of your machine. You should also buy new toners and avoid refilling your old ones. Refilled toners can spill ink inside your office printer and on your printouts. 

Most offices store extra cartridges and toners to have them ready when needed. Make sure to store the toners correctly in an airtight container. Otherwise, you will be risking drying them out. If you have a colour office printer, you should print in colours regularly. Avoid printing only in black and white. Over time, it can dry out the colour toners. 

Keep Your Office Printer Clean

To keep your printer clean, dust it off every now and then. Dust and dirt can break down your office printer. They can easily get into the small parts of the printer. A dirty printer will be more prone to paper jams. Over time, you might also find unwanted streaks of ink on your printouts. 

It is advisable to leave the printer cleaning to professionals. They will have the right tools to clean the inside of your office printer, without damaging it. If you will not be using your printer for a while, try to cover it with a dust net. 

General Maintenance 

Just like any other machine, your printer should be professionally inspected and maintained regularly. Proactive maintenance checks will ensure you get the most out of your printer. You should also stick to the maximum printing capacity of your printer. If your business needs exceed these limits, then maybe it is time to upgrade your printer. 

At Copyworld, we have highly trained call centre operators to solve your problems immediately over the phone. If required, on-site visits can also be arranged. You can also order toners online, through our website.

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