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How To Maintain Your Office Printer

When it comes to our office environment, many underestimate how important it is to keep your working environment and your office machinery clean and free of dust to prevent a hindrance to productivity in the future. However, one part of every office that so many tend to overlook is the importance of maintaining your office printer. Regular maintenance will help prevent the machine from becoming damaged or faulty prematurely and keep your office productivity at a high.

Here at Copyworld, we have over 30 years of printer industry experience. Our team of passionate professionals work hard to ensure that our customers receive a personalised printing solution. We understand the vital role a printer plays in the functionality and productivity of your business which is why we hold a strong commitment and passion for providing you with a printing solution that exceeds all expectations.

We’ve put together a few tips and tricks you can follow to ensure that your office printer is well-maintained and will serve you and your business for years to come. Keep reading to find out more:

Remove Dust Regularly

Many people underestimate the effect dust can have on your printer. A build-up of things such as dust and toner can not only cause jams it can also result in streaks of ink appearing on papers where you don’t want them. A straightforward way to deal with this common occurrence is to remove particles using a small handheld vacuum.

Go one step further and use a cotton swab with water to clean your ink cartridges. You can look up how to do this in your owner’s manual or hire a Copyworld skilled technician to complete a thorough printer cleanout for you.

Invest In Genuine Printing Cartridges

You’ll often find that some ink cartridges tend to work better than others within your machine. It is why you should use genuine ink products that are from the same manufacturer as your printer.
Using a third-party ink and toner can result in errors with your machine, such as a lower standard of printing and clogged ink. Using third-party products can also result in your office printer’s warranty becoming voided.

Call A Professional!

When it comes to maintaining your office printer, it can often be a task that not many people within the office have the time or understanding to do. One way to overcome this is to hire a professional technician.

At Copyworld, we believe that providing our clients with sustainable and successful long term service relationship is vital. We offer a range of printer maintenance services, including highly trained call centre operators that can help you fix minor issues over the phone as well as a team of exceptionally skilled Toshiba technicians to help ensure your printer is running the way it should. We also offer regularly scheduled preventative maintenance calls providing smooth running for your machine!

If you’re looking for a printing professional coupled with exceptional service, look no further than Copyworld. Call or visit today!


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