Toshiba Makes It Easy To Protect Your Business’ Most Valuable Information.

In today’s world security is becoming important for small and large businesses alike.

Printers and multifunction devices are a potential weak spot in a business’ security as they hold document data, document images and contact information plus, MFDs act as complex network devices, making them susceptible to unauthorised remote access via the network. But, when you invest in a Toshiba device you can rest assured that Toshiba’s commitment to security will keep your sensitive data safe. In this article, we’ll explore some of the great security features Toshiba hardware and software offers.

Secure Your Documents

The first concern of many organisations with security is their network. Toshiba has innovative solutions that address network security. Advanced on the fly 256-bit encryption and decryption secures the device’s hard drive from unauthorised access. Toshiba has also addressed the danger of latent data with their Data Overwrite Kit. This ensures that the MFD erases all data after each job to protect sensitive data from being stored on the MFD. Toshiba software also helps protect your office’s network from potential intruders. IP filtering acts as a firewall to prevent unauthorised connections, protecting your data from outsiders. Make sure you and your workers know exactly where a file originates from with Server Message Block (SMB) signing. SMB signing adds a digital signature, so you can be sure your internal emails are secure.

Encrypted Data

In the modern office, workers do many things remotely. Gone are the days of lining up at an office printer as workers need to stay mobile. As technology advances more and more, simplified methods of printing emerge – for example, print from mobile. But, as the convenience of technology increases, so must its security. Toshiba understands this and provides innovative solutions such as its point-to-point data encryption technology. This offers increased security against hackers that may try to steal sensitive information. It does this by making the documents unintelligible. The hard drive on Toshiba devices is also secured with advanced encryption that overwrites print and scan data. If someone attempts to remove the hard disk they’ll only find encrypted, unreadable files.

Track User Access

Being able to check and pinpoint MFD use is a key part of cost controlling in current workplaces. With innovative solutions like Toshiba ID-Gate and Fleet Management System, administrators can observe and generate reports on device usage. These reports can be by department or individual. They can also show anything from colour or black and white use to function usage. Plus, the use of ID-Gate and proximity cards for printing allows restrictions on certain files or folders. These can prevent certain users from viewing sensitive information and protecting it from those outside the organisation.

Take Control of Your Printing

Information leakages can be devastating for a business in today’s world. Sensitive information leaking to competitors can ruin a lot of hard work and give others an advantage. With Toshiba’s security technologies, businesses can prevent unauthorised access to sensitive files. Plus, with the Secure Print feature of ID-Gate, printed documents are extra secure. With Secure Print, users must use both their swipe card and a secure authentication PIN. Only then will the document will print. This ensures the print job is only done when the authorised user is at the machine. And, that only that user can retrieve the document. Unfortunately, rogue employees are a reality in today’s world of business. With print archive functions, if a leak does occur it can be traced back to the user that issued the print job.

Access Security

With increased security sometimes comes inconvenience. Stronger passwords are often harder to remember. Complicated login procedures can cause waste of employee time. Toshiba has worked to streamline access, login and control functions without skimping on security. With network authentication, administrators can control access at the device the same way it’s controlled from the desktop. With a bonus of helping control costs, admins can also set usage limitations for individual users or departments. Using proximity cards allows for simple and quick authentication while still providing the robust security of preventing unauthorised actions from unauthorised users.

It’s an unfortunate reality that in the modern business world there are people that may try to use underhanded methods to get an edge. With Toshiba’s exceptional suite of standard and optional security features, businesses can protect themselves from attacks and information leaks, keeping their sensitive information safe.