Even at this fast-paced digital age, offices still need reliable printers for their daily operations. Going fully paperless is not realistic. Undoubtedly, hardcopies will always be essential for any business. Energy-efficient office printers can reduce the carbon footprint of your Adelaide business.

We recommend the Toshiba e-STUDIO388CP for any mid-sized office. These colour laser office printers are efficient and reliable. That is to say, they print remarkable, crystal-clear documents and offer simplified network sharing capabilities. 

Here is why these Toshiba office printers are the smart choice for your Adelaide business:

Quality Printing

With office printers like these, you are guaranteed to have high-quality prints from the first to the last page. The high-resolution produces crystal-clear graphics and images. By choosing these office printers, your Adelaide business will not have to sacrifice speed for quality prints. These printers produce exceptional image quality at up to thirty-eight pages per minute. Thanks to the high maximum paper capacity, these A4 office printers can effortlessly execute large print jobs.


To add more flexibility and convenience to your Adelaide office, these devices come with impressive mobile printing capabilities. Your employees can access these printers from multiple locations inside and outside your Adelaide office. You can print any document over the network or from USB devices.

Furthermore, all these features on your office printers can be accessed and controlled using a colour touch screen.


Quality and convenience do not have to come at the price of harming the environment. Toshiba office printers combine both eco-friendliness and quality. The Toshiba e-STUDIO338CP office printers comply with the leading international environmental standards. 

It is not new for Toshiba to produce environmentally responsible printers. From the recycled materials used in manufacturing to energy efficiency, these office printers have it all. They have energy-saving modes to further reduce the footprint of your Adelaide office. Additionally, their duplex printing feature will reduce paper consumption in the office.

e-BRIDGE Fleet Management System

With many office printers in your Adelaide office, it will get hard to keep track of each device. That is why Toshiba has introduced the innovative e-BRIDGE Fleet Management System. It is easy to install software that enables you to optimise your printer usage remotely. Certainly, this system will help you maximise the efficiency and increase the availability of your Adelaide office printers.

In addition, this system allows you to measure almost everything about how your Adelaide office uses the printers. Also, it enables you to automate repetitive administrative tasks. You will get automatically generated reports for each office printer to monitor its usage and operation costs.

Copyworld is the exclusive Toshiba business technology supplier for Adelaide and Perth. We have over thirty-two years of experience in the office printers rental industry. Our dedicated local experts will recommend, deliver, and install the right office printers for your Adelaide business. 

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