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Is it worth changing to electronic archiving?

It’s expected to be able to jump on the internet and have every piece of conceivable information within seconds at the touch of a button… so why not your work documentation too?

If we expect it for all of the information in our social and home lives – surely it would be just natural to do this for work content too – it’s more important, generates income and we spend more time doing it, so why don’t we all have electronic document management systems already?

Well, it’s a big step to move from paper filing with draws, cabinets and compactuses to getting everything on screen. Processes and methods that have been in place for years are all about to be changed… and the question everyone asks –  is it really worth all the hassle?!

Well as with any business decision it’s a matter of understanding the current issues and evaluating the possible benefits.  The issues that businesses are facing as their paper filing rapidly grows (and we understand a companies filing to double every 5 years) are common across all spectrums of industry – space, time & efficiency, customer service delivery and linked to all of these… COST!
A brief look at each of these issues shows that electronic archiving can have a huge impact:
  • Certainly space is saved as all records are now on your server and not in space eating filing cabinets and compactuses – get your real estate back, it’s an expensive thing these days!
  • Time and efficiency? –  you have to ask yourself, have you ever spent more time than you would like to retrieving paper records from your current system or waiting for that document to be retrieved for you internally or offsite?  Have you ever lost a file and wasted precious time searching the place ‘it is supposed to be’?  Time is our most precious resource these days – we should do everything we can to try and save as much of it as possible!
  • The next time a customer calls querying a charge or some information that is contained within a paper document (delivery note, letter, invoice, receipt etc etc) and you have to get back to them later once the information has been located. Take a moment to put yourself in your customers shoes and evaluate whether their experience with your business would have been enhanced by you having the information you needed immediately at hand whilst you were on the phone.  Electronic archiving and accurate retrieval can provide this improved level of customer service delivery for you!
Toshiba, Copyworld and their partners provide market leading solutions in both hardware and software which allow you to get your paper into a structured archival system retrievable through content or meta-data searches.  Information can be stored in existing Windows folder structures or completely securely in a database.  However you need it input, retained and retrieved we would love to talk to you and find a solution.
So the question as to whether it’s really worth it – does it answer these issues adequately?  Well we believe the answer is YES!  Get your space back, your time back, happy customers and improve your associated costs.  Check out the paperless office section of this website or hit the Request a Quote button above and we will be in touch to help you move down this path.


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