Kōdo App for HPE Content Manager

  • Records compliance made easy
  • Scan to HPE Content Manager [CM] or Records Manager [RM] using one touch workflows 
  • Gain valuable time through automated splitting of jobs in large batches
  • Auto process documents such as mixed application forms with absolute simplicity
  • Virtually zero training using a tablet style interface that even remembers your last settings
  • Minimal IT support with on board processing
  • No limit on the number of users or scans

Perfect for businesses with off-premise or cloud hosted infrastructure 

Kodo applications are designed to make your working life easy and productive. Now you can scan documents with ease through Auto processing or to defined HPE [CM]/[RM]

Record Types and Containers or to working network drives with documents automatically separated by user subfolder. 
– One touch templates and scan settings
– Mixed sized original scanning supported with auto document feeder and off the glass
– Job split of large batches using nominated page interval or barcode separator page 
– Ensure the integrity of your documents at the point of scan with on-screen verification and editing
– Auto processing of documents such as application forms
– Definable data entry by workflow 
– Scan page count

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Kodo App For HPE Content Manager

Kōdo App for HPE Content Manager

Kōdo App for HPE Content Manager Brochure

Kōdo App for HPE Content Manager User Experience

Why Toshiba Apps

Kodo App for HP Content Manager

Scan into HPE Content Manager with Auto Workflow



Scan into HPE Content Manager with Data Entry



Scan into HPE Content Manager with preview

Supported Models – Toshiba Apps

2016 Models

e-STUDIO 2000AC, 2505AC, 3005AC, 3505AC, 4505AC, 5005AC, 5506AC, 6506AC, 7506AC, 2508A, 5508A, 7508A, 8508A

ECO Models

e-STUDIO 3508LP, 4508LP

2018 Models

e-STUDIO 2010AC, 2515AC, 3015AC, 3515AC, 4515AC, 5015AC, 5516AC,6516AC, 7516AC, 2518A, 5518A, 7518A, 8518A


Toshiba e-STUDIO Multi-Function Printer (MFP) with e-BRIDGE Next architecture
HPE Records Manager RM 8.x
HPE Content Manager CM 9.x


Embedded OCR for searchable scan file formats

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