Kōdo App for Microsoft Office 365

  • Scan to or print from your OneDrive account including folders
  • Scan to or print from your SharePoint online account includes site selection, folders and metadata entry    
  • Single sign-on gives you instant access
  • Virtually zero training using a tablet style interface that even remembers your last settings
  • Minimal IT support with on board processing
  • No limit on the number of users or scans
  • Industry standard document formats including searchable PDF, PDF/A
  • True embedded solution no middleware or intermediate cloud processing
  • Perfect for businesses with off-premise or cloud hosted infrastructure 

Scan documents directly to or print from your OneDrive for Business or SharePoint online cloud accounts Single sign-on and an intuitive interface makes this a breeze.

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Kodo App For Office 365

Kōdo App for Microsoft Office 365

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Kōdo App for Microsoft Office 365 User Experience

Why Toshiba Apps

Kodo App for Office 365

Scanning into OneDrive for Business

Printing directly from OneDrive for Business

Scanning into SharePoint online with Metadata

Printing directly from SharePoint online

2016 Models

e-STUDIO 2000AC, 2505AC, 3005AC, 3505AC, 4505AC, 5005AC, 5506AC, 6506AC, 7506AC, 2508A, 5508A, 7508A, 8508A

ECO Models

e-STUDIO 3508LP, 4508LP

2018 Models

e-STUDIO 2010AC, 2515AC, 3015AC, 3515AC, 4515AC, 5015AC, 5516AC,6516AC, 7516AC, 2518A, 5518A, 7518A, 8518A


Toshiba e-STUDIO Multi-Function Printer (MFP) with e-BRIDGE Next architecture.
Microsoft OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Office 365 current cloud storage subscription.


Embedded OCR for searchable or editable scan file formats.

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