Kōdo App for Scan Plus

Kōdo App for Scan Plus

Bridging the digital gap: In today’s business environment the majority of paper-based information needs to be integrated into your workflows. e-BRIDGE Capture & Store Essentials is the perfect application to digitise paper documents and integrate them into your electronic document workflow.

  • Bridge the gap between paper documents, scanned files and your electronic document workflows
  • Streamline the processing of critical information
  • Enhanced efficiency by creating document workflows
  • Scan, route and store your documents with simplicity
  • Easy to operate
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Kodo App For Scan Plus

Kōdo App for Scan Plus Brochure

Kōdo App for Scan Plus Brochure

Kōdo App for Scan Plus User Experience

Why Toshiba Apps

Kodo App for Scan Plus – The Why


Scan Plus – Scan with an auto workflow


Scan Plus – Scan to email with job split


Scan Plus – Scan to a network folder


Supported Models – Toshiba Apps

2016 Models

e-STUDIO 2000AC, 2505AC, 3005AC, 3505AC, 4505AC, 5005AC, 5506AC, 6506AC, 7506AC, 2508A, 5508A, 7508A, 8508A

ECO Models

e-STUDIO 3508LP, 4508LP

2018 Models

e-STUDIO 2010AC, 2515AC, 3015AC, 3515AC, 4515AC, 5015AC, 5516AC,6516AC, 7516AC, 2518A, 5518A, 7518A, 8518A    


Toshiba e-STUDIO Multi-Function Printer (MFD) with e-BRIDGE Next architecture

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