When it comes to multifunction printers, Toshiba is the best. They offer a wide selection of multifunction printers to suit all company sizes and requirements. The easy-to-use, customizable interface enables you to print, copy, scan and fax documents quickly and efficiently.

Copyworld is the exclusive Toshiba business technology supplier for Adelaide and Perth. We have been helping companies reduce their costs and streamline their processes for over thirty-two years. Keeping up with the latest technology in multifunction printers comes at a high price tag. That is why we provide a more efficient alternative. With Copyworld, you can rent the best Toshiba multifunction printers and take advantage of modern printing technology while staying within your budget.

Multifunction Printers Rentals

Copyworld is your local expert in printer rentals. Our cost-effective rentals include colour and black and white multifunction printers, A4 office printers and barcode printers. We have suitable printers for all types and sizes of businesses. Our experienced team can recommend, deliver and install the right multifunction printers for you. 

We offer short and long-term rentals at low, competitive rates with easy finance and up to sixty months terms. By renting one of our multifunction printers, you will avoid the equipment depreciation cost of purchased goods. You can also claim tax benefits as the rentals are tax-deductible. Throughout the term of your lease, you will be able to upgrade or downgrade to other multifunction printers.

Our services cover delivering, installing, configuring and providing dedicated support for Toshiba multifunction printers in all Adelaide and Perth metropolitan areas. We will also train your team to use these multifunction printers to their full potential.

Wide Selection of Multifunction Printers

We have a wide range of multifunction printers to suit every company size and business need. You can choose between colour, black and white, small, medium and large multifunction printers.

Our colour multifunction printers offer a range of colour options to meet all of your printing needs. If you are more concerned with efficiency and speed, our black and white multifunction laser printers will suit your Adelaide business more. These print more quickly, while keeping the cost in check.

For more significant printing needs and a vast network of computers choose one of our large multifunction printers. There are also medium multifunction printers. These are great for your day to day print jobs and can also handle more significant printing tasks. For small print runs and everyday office needs, go for small multifunction printers.

Supporting Services

By partnering with Copyworld, you will not only benefit from our hassle-free rentals. We also have purpose-built offices in Adelaide and Perth, with over sixty dedicated employees to serve the needs of customers across Australia.

Our team of skilled technicians can provide fast, reliable and comprehensive support locally. We also hold our stock at local Adelaide and Perth warehouses to minimise the downtime in your business.

Contact us now and join over five-thousand businesses and public service organisations who trust Copyworld!