Cloud Services Adelaide

Let us help you with your immediate and long-term technology road map

Copyworld’s Adelaide housed cloud platform provides our clients with rapid access to flexible instantly scalable computer and IT resources. Our cloud is designed to support all your business-critical applications Taking advantage of Copworld’s Cloud Services can mean no upfront investments in hardware. We will work with you to determine the optimal level of resources required. You only pay for what you need and as your needs change the resources will change to reflect your requirements.   Migrating your environment into the Copyworld cloud will give you the same access to all your existing applications and databases etc. as well as immediate access to additional storage if and when required. Copyworld Engineers will work with you to provide whatever level of support you require – from simply hosting your environment on our cloud to a fully managed and supported end to end IT solution.

Copyworld Cloud Services

What is Cloud Services?

Cloud Services from Copyworld gives you the freedom to make doing business more efficient. These days we all use Dropbox; we all have iTunes accounts and we love to watch Netflix; these are all examples of cloud services that we are familiar with. Copyworld can work with you to help move your business applications into our local cloud; we are specialists in Cloud Services.

Why Copyworld Cloud Services?

When it comes to a cloud service for your business, we’re here to help!
Every business is the same – software applications are mission critical.
Our cloud platform provides peace of mind with rapid access to an instantly scalable network resource. Our networks are built to support the day to day use and growth of your local business. The upfront costs of on-premise hardware and software can be eliminated by hosting your environment on the secure Copyworld cloud.
The Copyworld team will work with you to determine the best level of cloud support required. You’ll only ever pay for what you need.

On-Premise Cloud Service Solutions

Our in-house engineers will work with you to understand your cloud requirements. We make sure to provide you with whatever level of support you require to feel confident that you are fully managed and supported. So, whether it be simply hosting your environment on our cloud or a fully managed and supported end-to-end IT solution, we’re here for you.

Cloud Backup

Invest in peace of mind with our cloud backup services. Copyworld will ensure that your business data and applications are securely backed up on our remote servers. In the event of system failure, outage, or natural disaster, your infrastructure and data are protected. Our off-site cloud backup services can be configured to best suit your business. we can determine the most appropriate schedule for your data back-up whether it be hourly, daily or whatever best suits. Copyworld will work with you to determine the best plan.

Local Cloud Hosting

Our cloud hosting is Adelaide based, allowing us to provide our local clients with quick access to the resources they require. Copyworld’s local cloud has been built to support your business-critical applications with ease and functionality. To learn more about our Cloud services, be sure to contact the Copyworld team today!

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