Proactive Network Management

Remote Real Time 24/7 Proactive Network Management

Simple solutions implemented into your business can mean saving a great deal of time and money on managing your systems internally.

At Copyworld our Managed Services Division operates as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) rather than an IT Service Provider (ITSP) – the difference between the two operations can mean a great deal to your business in the form of unscheduled down-time. An MSP operates pro-actively not re-actively – this methodology starts when we initially evaluate your systems and, if required, make recommendations that will help to make your IT environment more robust and therefore less likely to fail.

Remote, real-time monitoring ensures that we are aware of any potential issues and in most cases can either repair the problem without incident or at the very least minimize the affects. Regular meetings with performance reports provide proactive feedback to ensure satisfaction and the opportunity to review current operations. We anticipate issues before they can arise and work with you to address your IT environment to make it more robust.

Proactive Network Management

Copyworld is Your IT Partner

Critical business services are the lifeblood of your organisation. This is why we spend much of our time aligning our technology to support your services. Copyworld leverages the power of Toshiba’s industry leading technology to provide your organisation with 24×365 network monitoring with an aggressive preventative maintenance program. Find out how Toshiba prevents data breaches.

Comprehensive Monitoring & Lower IT Costs

Copyworld provides robust real time monitoring and comprehensive regular maintenance to ensure the reliability and stability of your IT assets. A regularly maintained network means higher productivity, fewer failures and greater savings on support costs for you. At the same time, exposure to security risks is reduced and frustration from unusable (and expensive) IT resources vanish – this lets you focus on business instead of worrying about owning a computer network.

Copyworld Device Life Management Cycle

24/7 Advanced Performance Monitoring: Copyworld ensures all critical network devices that comprise your IT infrastructure are healthy and functioning reliably and at peak performance.

Patch Management: Ensures your Windows servers and PC’s are up-to-date preventing security exploits and zero day attacks. By optimising performance, Copyworld minimises security risks.

Security Management: We will implement and configure Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus solutions to keep your business protected, and importantly keep your data, and your client data secure from nefarious actors.

Scheduled Preventative Maintenance: While you focus on business, our IT specialists will ensure your servers, vital network devices and PC’s function optimally. This improves security and reliability.

Quarterly Health Review: Copyworld will translate technology into business terms for you. Our team dedicates time to review reports and issues that are vital to the ongoing performance of your network.

Network Operations Centre: Our team of local experts are a phone call away. This means you never have to wait for support, and speak with a real person, in Adelaide or Perth. Our N.O.C. team is available to assist with all your support needs, in person or remotely and actively monitoring your systems for critical failure.

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