Virtual offices are not just a new trend in Australia. They are here to stay. That is why every business in Australia should make sure it has properly managed IT solutions, software and hardware to support working remotely.

Multifunction printers have come a long way. They are not just used to print, scan or send faxes in the office anymore. High-tech multifunction printers can also facilitate your work from home significantly. That is why Toshiba has introduced e-BRIDGE Print & Capture. It is an application that allows you to print and scan on Toshiba e-STUDIO multifunction printers remotely. You can download this application for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Here is how this application will make your work from home more convenient:

Cloud Computing

Business clouds have changed the way we do business. It enabled more and more people to work remotely in Australia. Toshiba multifunction printers can be connected to your secure business cloud. This way, your employees can access the information they need from any location. They do not have to be in the office. 

With Toshiba multifunction printers and e-BRIDGE applications, you can scan a document directly to your business cloud. You or any one of your team can then access this document later on from any device connected to the same cloud.

Remote Printing

The e-BRIDGE application also allows you to connect remotely to all Toshiba multifunction printers in your network. You can simply choose one of the multifunction printers from your most recently used list. Another option is to select the multifunction printers you want by scanning their displayed QR code.

With this application, you can even choose print settings, such as the finishing or colour options, when you are printing remotely. It will be just as if you were standing in front of the multifunction printers.


For more security, this application allows you to use user authentication and department code. This way, you can keep your documents safe and secure. You can also track usage, manage costs, reduce wastage of your Toshiba multifunction printers. With the private print mode, you can hold a print job, until you or anyone of your team enters the password at the touch panel of the multifunction printers. 

Copyworld is Toshiba’s preferred supplier of innovative document management solutions in Australia. We can manage all of your Toshiba multifunction printers. Our specialists can assess how documents are used in your organisation. Accordingly, they can also develop long-term improvement strategies for your business.

We can also provide other managed IT solutions across Australia. These will help you capture, manage, deliver and secure your documents. Our IT specialists can either work with your It department and provide assistance when required. We can also be your primary IT staff if you do not have one already.

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