Over the past few decades, technology has come a long way. No business today, no matter how big or small, can survive without managed IT services. With the business requirements of today, your internal IT department might not be enough anymore. That is why Managed IT Support Services are becoming more and more popular amongst business owners. 

Managed IT Support Services mean letting a third party provide your business with the required IT solutions. Copyworld is a trusted local supplier of premium managed IT services. We provide fully tailored and flexible IT solutions to meet your business needs. 

Our Managed IT Support Services include:

Managed IT Support Cloud Services

With our managed IT services, you will not have to make upfront investments in hardware. You will only pay for what your business currently needs. Our Managed IT Support team will work with you to determine the optimal level of resources for your requirements.

Migrating your working environment to our cloud will grant you online access to all your current applications. Additionally, it will also provide you with more storage space, if and whenever you need it. You do not have to invest today in software or hardware that your business will need in years. Business cloud services can expand in no time to suit any changes in your business requirements. 

Network Infrastructure

No business can survive today, without proper hardware and software. At Copyworld, we have access to significant vendors. Our Managed IT Support experts will analyse your business and provide you with the most suitable IT solutions.

Our team can review the overall configuration of your network. Accordingly, they will advise on your Microsoft licencing position and make recommendations on how to get the most from your current systems. 

Network Managed by IT Support Services

As a managed IT services provider, we operate proactively, not reactively. It means we do not wait for failure to happen, then fix it. Our Managed IT Support experts will evaluate your system. Together with you, we will work to make it more robust and less likely to fail. Remote, real-time monitoring makes us aware of any potential or even future issues before they arise. That is how we can repair the problem with no or minimum downtime in your IT system. 

Disaster Recovery

Without a disaster recovery strategy, your business information and data will be at risk. That is why our Managed IT Support services focus on restoring your system and recovering any lost data with minimal downtime. Our years of experience made us aware that every business requires different disaster recovery plans. However, the main priority of our managed IT services remains to restore your critical business services quickly when you need them most.

At Copyworld, all our Managed IT Support services aim to develop a technology road map to support and assist your business moving forward. 

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