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Meet The 307LP: The MFP Printer With Erasable Toner

The Toshiba e-Studio 307LP is a printer with a special feature that puts it in a league all its own.

Affordable Environmentally Friendly Printing.

The Toshiba e-Studio 307LP is an innovative and environmentally-friendly multifunction printer (MFP) with a special feature that puts it in a league all its own. The 307LP is the first MFP that uses erasable toner so you can reuse each sheet of paper up to five times. This puts your costs – and your carbon footprint – way down. It’s a win-win.

Ersable Toner

The 307LP runs on Toshiba’s e-Bridge Next system and uses special erasable blue toner so copies and printed sheets can be reused. In 2012 Toshiba also put out the e-Studio 306LP which used erasable toner, however that MFP required a special de-inking device as an auxiliary station. This additional setup made the 306LP have a higher environmental impact and made it a less integrated product. The 307LP gets the whole job done for the best cost with the best environmental footprint.

Save 500% On Printing Costs

There are many situations where your business only needs documents for temporary use; maybe to proofread, hand out for reference at a meeting, or distribute at a weekend conference. The 307LP gives you the option to print using erasable blue toner in these temporary situations that may require high volume of temporary print-outs. For documents you require to be permanent, the 307LP’s regular black toner can be selected instead. Saving 500% on paper is a dream-come-true, and knowing you are saving our environment and climate at the same time is an added plus.

When using the 307LP for reusable copies or prints, simply select the erasable blue toner option from the touchscreen or via the print driver on the computer. You can use the erase function on the full range of paper sizes and up to 400 sheets at a time can be erased in one go. The 307LP holds up to 2,300 sheets altogether as well, ensuring you always have a good stock of paper ready to go in reserve. Fast printing speeds of 30 pages per minute also make sure that you aren’t forgetting what year it is as you stand waiting for your printing to complete

Versatility & Affordability

Consistent rules can be set for the whole office via the driver as to when erasable blue toner or permanent black toner is used, and a handy Paper Reuse Report function will show you the average paper usage and give you a summary of how much you are utilizing the reuse option. Along with its unique erasure feature, the 307LP performs all your other standard printing, scanning, copying and faxing needs.

Scanning is in brilliant, high-definition, and faxes go through in very high-quality. You can print from the 307LP via mobile devices including Apple and Android and it includes top-notch security such as a self-encrypting hard drive, user ID login and PDF encryption options for sensitive documents you are sending.

Here’s a useful video showing all that the 307LP can do for you. We invite you to stop by Copyworld today or contact us to find out more!


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