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Multifunction Devices: One Great Way to Get Your Office Ready for 2021!

Nowadays, offices rely on technology more than ever. If 2020 has taught businesses anything, it would be the importance of efficiency and flexibility. That is why multifunction devices are the best thing you can get for your Adelaide office in 2021

Every office is different and unique. Only multifunction devices can meet all needs. They come in wide-ranging sizes and with various features. With these devices, you will have a machine that can do it all. From printing and copying to digital document solutions and security, they can serve various purposes.

Here is how multifunction devices will get your Adelaide office ready for the new year:

Wireless Printing

Last year, working remotely has proven to be essential for all businesses. That is why you need to purchase devices for your Adelaide office that support mobility and flexibility. Multifunction devices have come a long way during the past few years. They do not just offer quality printing and scanning anymore. 

Many of the newer models come with software that allows wireless connectivity. This way, your employees will be able to print documents using their mobile devices. Some devices can also get connected to your business e-cloud. Remotely working employees can print copies from the e-cloud using the devices in your Adelaide office. Scanned documents can also be saved directly to the e-cloud.

Security and Control

Flexibility and remote printing do not mean compromising security. Modern devices come with features that will keep your confidential documents secure. Some devices have software that will encrypt all the data before sending it to the printer. This way, you can rest assured no unauthorized users will breach the data security. The pull-to-print feature does not process the printing job until the authorized employee enters their code on the device.

Your Adelaide multifunction devices will act as a hub through which all documents flow. This will help you maintain visibility over your papers. You will have detailed logs about every print operation. It will enable you to easily track the document flow and control it.

More Efficiency

Multifunction devices are efficient because they will take up less space in your Adelaide office. They will also decrease costs all around. With multifunction devices, you will lower your Adelaide office’s electricity bill. Operating one multifunction device consumes less energy than using four or five different machines. The same goes for maintenance and repair costs. 

Copyworld is the exclusive Toshiba business technology supplier for Adelaide and Perth. We offer multifunction devices rentals, which are tax-deductible. It will enable your Adelaide business to make use of the latest technology, without paying the large price tag. Without a doubt, with our over thirty-two years of experience, we can recommend, deliver and install the right multifunction devices for your Adelaide business.

Get your Adelaide office ready to overcome this new year’s challenges. Call us now!


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