No one can deny that more and more businesses today are relying on digital documents, instead of printed ones. However, printers still play an essential role in everyday business tasks. The recent technological developments enabled printers to keep up with the digital movement. Printers now are also used to share files and documents digitally.

The best printers for your small Adelaide business must be economical to run. They should be small but have all the features required for your low office demands. The variety of quality printers in the market today might confuse you.

So what makes a printer good for small businesses? There isn’t a single solution that suits all business types. However, here are some common aspects that will help you choose the best printers for your small Adelaide business:

Quality Over Low Price

It is tempting to save money on office equipment costs, especially for a small business. However, cheap printers will usually cost your Adelaide business more in the long run. They will always break down and interrupt your business activities. You will end up paying more for repairs or replacements. Therefore, when it comes to printers, choose a reliable brand with high quality.


When considering the cost of printers, do not just look at the upfront purchase price. The ink, toner, and electricity consumption will all affect the overall costs of printers. Laser printers are usually more affordable than inkjet ones. They also print much faster. On the other hand, if your small Adelaide business requires printing high-quality, colour images, inkjet printers will be more suitable.

Multifunction Printers

In today’s market, many printers can perform multifunctions, such as printing, scanning and copying. These multifunction printers will be great for you if your Adelaide businesses need these additional functionalities.

With multifunction printers, you will get all the features you need in one device. It will save your small Adelaide office valuable space and cost. You will not have to purchase a piece of equipment for each function separately.

Wireless Connectivity

Even the smallest offices need wireless connections. Sharing the printer in your small Adelaide office is essential. Printers without wireless connectivity will make your office crowded with cables and wires.

With wireless connectivity, you will be able to print from anywhere, even outside your Adelaide office. It is called cloud printing. This feature uses the internet or Bluetooth to send the documents to the printer.

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