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Seven Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Multi-Function Devices

Multi-Function Devices are designed to save you time so you can focus on more important things.

Scan in bulk

You can set up a large document to scan through the Dual-Scan Document Feeder that—lucky for you—holds an amazing three hundred (300) sheets of paper. Walk away while your Toshiba Multi-Function Device feeds and scans your whole document— both sides of each page simultaneously at an industry leading 240 images per minute (IPM) scanning speed. In addition, you can use this same scanning power to digitize a stack of hundreds of individual documents.

Retrieve print jobs from any device on your network

Retrieve your print job and print from any supported Toshiba Multi-Function Device on your network by using the Multi-Station Print Enabler. This allows you to send multiple print jobs, and then decide where and when they are printed. The “Follow Me Printing” capability lets you streamline your printing by accessing the “best fit” free Toshiba Multi-Function Device – closest or fastest  – you have the peace of mind in knowing that sensitive documents will not be printed until you are at the device of your choice to collect them.

Avoid delays from problematic print jobs

Sometimes, particular print job will require human intervention— perhaps the special size paper selected for the job is not available in the device. On a conventional machine, if the problem is not resolved, the print queue will grind to a halt. But on a Toshiba device supporting “Print Around”, this bottleneck can be eliminated. “Print Around”  allows following  print jobs to leap frog the stalled  job ensuring efficient work flow continues.

Scan to editable text

Toshiba scanning solutions supporting  embedded Optical Character Recognition (OCR) allow the user to scan paper documents to digital formats including PDFs or Microsoft Word® documents that are then searchable and available for easy editing as needed.

Print exterior signage

High quality temporary signage doesn’t necessarily need to be produced by costly professional sign writers. Temporary or informal signs are often printed on office printers to alert people to various important information about what they need to do or what they might need to watch out for. When this signage needs to be posted out of doors, for example, to temporarily reserve parking or to direct people to a meeting place for a special event, weather can pose a problem. The use of Toshiba AquaAce Media through a Toshiba Multi-Function Device allows the  creation water-resistant or magnetic tear-resistant printed material of various sizes, up to banner-size (12” × 47”).

Prints and binds booklets

Use the Saddle/Fold Capabilities of your Toshiba Multi-Function Device to saddle-stitch printed documents as finished booklets. Additionally, you can select the option to fold documents without stapling them.

Scan to your flash drive, print from your flash drive

Scan documents and save them to a flash drive inserted directly into your Toshiba Multi-Function Device by using Scan-to and Print-from USB. The user has the peace of mind knowing exactly where their  files are saved. Likewise, you do not need a computer to print files on your Toshiba Multi-Function Device. Use Scan-to and Print-from USB to print directly from a flash drive.

Toshiba MFD’s working hand in hand with Toshiba e-BRIDGE  solutions give the user total flexibility allowing documents to be scanned specific folders on the network, or scan to email and of course to the cloud.


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