No matter what size your business is, Toshiba Copyworld is confident the Toshiba e-Studio525P has what it takes to optimize efficiency, streamline operations and dispose of lost opportunities by spending less time waiting and more time being productive. 

The e-Studio525P is the perfect compact high-speed printer to boost your small business. Its ability to print 52 A4 pages per minute in monochrome means it brings the speed and technological prowess to eliminate wasted time and transform your small office environment into a lean mean dispatching machine. The e-Studio525P comes with a wide range of tray options, finishers, and output options to ensure the documents you print, scan or otherwise process meet your exact specifications in every situation.

With a warm-up time of approximately 11 seconds and a maximum paper capacity of 4,400 sheets, the e-Studio525P is a high-performance workhorse, and can easily handle even the most demanding print jobs with flexibility and finesse. Whether you’re printing high volumes of images, text or graphics, the e-Studio525P delivers the same consistency in quality to the very last page.

A standard 4.3″ colour touch LED panel ensures your employees get better results, faster, as do the variety of print functions available, including print from USB, print from shared folder, print preview, private print and envelope printing. The e-STUDIO525P comes standard with Toshiba’s E-BRIDGE Fleet Management System (EFMS), a dedicated management tool for multi-function printers that provides detailed status monitoring and intelligent alerting to maximize up-time and device availability. The innovative usage reports mean you can monitor your printing fleet remotely, to ensure no delayed jobs hold up the work cycle or your organization’s printing priorities.

Toshiba consistently demonstrates its commitment to environmental innovation, with the e-STUDIO525p meeting the strictest environmental standards and coming equipped with energy saving modes and automatic toner saturation/darkness adjustment. These options help small businesses reduce energy use and costs. It also features top of the line security functions and protocols, including hard disk encryption and wiping and USB-port protection.

Depending on the size of your company, the e-Studio525P has the potential to revolutionize your business’s production capacity and productivity. Even if you don’t need the paper capacity and high-speed printing ability today, the e-Studio525P can grow with your business to assure your printing and document processing needs are met now and into the future. The multi-function printer’s memory can be upgraded from the baseline 512 MB up to 2,560 MB, to make sure the printer easily keeps up with multiple complex print jobs from various computers, and also offers upgradeable options such as a 2,100-sheet feeder, output expander, 160 GB hard disk drive and a high capacity output expander. And with its dimensions of 425 x 510 x 419 mm, and weighing only 23.7 kilograms, the e-Studio525P offers a breakthrough for your small business while only adding a small footprint to your office environment.