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The Latest in Multi-function Printing Devices!

Multi-function printers are one of the best inventions to grace businesses in Adelaide. Multifunction printers have reduced the costs of business owners and increased the efficiency of companies. And just like any other device, multifunction printers keep on evolving. 

You must upgrade your multifunction printers, so your business has the best OS available. You might think your Adelaide office has the best printer, but wait till you see the latest multi-function printers! 

The Heavy Handlers

If you’re looking for multifunction printers that can’t handle large printing orders, you’ll love these. Most of these printers can print more than 30 pages per minute. 

The e-STUDIO 7518A delivers a high-volume performance and easy connection. It prints up to 75 pages per minute and can handle a lot of paper. It’s a  black and white printer with a resolution of 3600 x 1200 Dpi and a standard dual scan document feeder. 

If you’re a fan of coloured multi-function printers, you’ll love the e-STUDIO 4515AC. It is a highly efficient printer with a printing or copying speed of 45 copies per minute and scans at a rate of 73 or 120 ipm in black. It has a printer resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi and has a scan speed of 240 ppm. 

Innovative Technology

If you’re more focused on the latest technology and innovations multifunction printers have to offer, you’ll love these. 

The e-STUDIO 8518A provides innovation along with high performance. It delivers seamless connection and so connecting it to the network of your office will be very easy. Your workers can also print anything from their mobiles. It comes with extensive finishing options and enhanced data security with IPsec that makes data encryption possible. You can customize it to fit your business’ needs, so it’s very versatile. 

The e-STUDIO 2010AC is another innovative printer, although it has a low printing speed with 20 pages per minute. It prints in colour and in black with the same quality consistently. The e-STUDIO 2010AC is easy to use with its 10.1″ tablet-like touch display. It has an embedded web browser, 4GB RAM and has a secure Toshiba hard disk drive. You can also connect the e-STUDIO 2010AC to the cloud so you can send documents from your Google Drive etc. 


All our printers are Toshiba which is one of the leading producers of innovative technological appliances. If you need a high performing multifunction printer, but you can’t afford it, we have rental and payment plans. 


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