When selecting the perfect office printer for your company, it is essential that you choose a machine that is going to provide you with the ultimate functionality. The best way to do this is to invest in a multifunction office printer.

Anyone that works in an office environment knows that a handful of tasks make up a small percentage of your time and daily output. Scanning, faxing and copying documents are mostly infrequent office tasks, so it can be frustrating to think that you may need to purchase a separate machine for each job, as well as find adequate room for them in your office.

At Copyworld, we understand these frustrations which is why we recommend multifunction printers to our business clients. These printers can cut down the number of machines your office needs and can cater to the four main office related tasks (printing, scanning, faxing and copying) with one single device; making them an essential piece of modern-day office equipment.

To find out more about the benefits of investing in a multifunction printer, keep reading:



Your multifunction printer will be sufficient for many tasks, so there’s no need to invest in four different machines, meaning that you immediately save yourself money.

You’ll also find a reduction in your equipment running costs because you’re only paying for one single machine, resulting in cheaper energy bills and a more eco-friendly office!


More Space

We know the feeling of a cramped office. It feels tight and claustrophobic resulting in a working environment that is not as productive. Without the need for four separate machines, you’ll save yourself immediately on space; creating a cleaner office space.



It is probably the most significant benefit of investing in a multifunction printer. Having such a versatile machine in your office will result in smoother and quicker work and more productivity overall.

Some multifunction printers also have wireless capabilities, meaning that you have the additional freedom of placing the unit in an out of sight area because the machine does not have to be physically connected while printing.

If you’re going to buy a new printer for your office environment but are finding the selection process daunting, be sure to head into Copyworld today! With over 30 years of industry experience, our printing professionals will ensure that the multifunction printer you choose is the perfect fit for your Adelaide business.


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