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Toshiba e-Studio8508A Multi-Function Printer Offers the Ultimate Ability to Print, Scan, Process and Fax Documents

The e-Studio8508A offers all the features you’d expect from a top of the line multi-function printer and is ideal for medium to large sized businesses. 

Organizations in need of immediate, powerful high-volume black and white printing need look no further than the Toshiba e-Studio8508A multi-function printer, which offers the ultimate ability to print, scan, process and fax documents with top-notch quality and exceptional performance.

The e-Studio8508A offers all the features you’d expect from a top of the line multi-function printer, including a validated self-encrypting drive for ease of mind when it comes to document and data security, a new 9″ intuitive tablet-style touch screen with an embedded web browser for augmented productivity, as well as Toshiba’s advanced e-BRIDGE Next technology. This A3 multi-functional system boasts impressive monochrome output speeds of up to 85 pages per minute, as well as a dual-scan document feeder with a paper capacity of up to 300 sheets to process documents at a speed of up to 240 impressions per minute, with a maximum printer resolution of 3600 x 1200 Dpi. This ensures a crisp, consistent level of quality to meet the highest of expectations for each and every single print job.

The e-Studio8508A’s sleek, intuitive design, overhauled from both the inside and out, maximizes productivity and enhances workflow by making your employees spend less time waiting for their print jobs to be completed. This ultimately leads to results delivered faster, increased client and customer confidence, and higher profit margins thanks to enhanced efficiency. The ability to connect multiple computers to one robust printer rather than needing multiple printers throughout company headquarters optimizes cost efficiency, while its lightning-fast dual-scan document feeder and ability to circumvent delayed print jobs stamp out any concern about printing bottlenecks.

The e-Studio8508A is designed for the modern office and is ideal for medium to large sized businesses. It comes with all the cloud and mobile printing functionalities you would expect in 2018 to satisfy the highest technological demands with exceptional functionality and flexibility. It comes equipped with Toshiba’s latest e-BRIDGE controller technology, which allows you to monitor the print work cycle remotely while also offering complete third-party integration, such as the Print & Capture app, which allows users to scan from the printer directly to their mobile device.

Other new features include Scan-to-Cloud and Cloud Print capabilities, allowing users to store and access documents remotely for printing, whether it’s from Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox, as well as support for Google Cloud Print. This seamless third-party integration means print jobs can be sent from outside the network environment without needing to install additional printer drivers. Furthermore, the e-Studio8508A is built for security, with a self-encrypting Toshiba Secure hard disk drive and ability to securely encrypt data sent to and from the machine.

Further capabilities designed to make the most complex tasks simpler include Job Reservation, which can queue up multiple copy or print jobs so users can send jobs whenever they need, Toner Change On-TheFly, which allows you to replace toner cartridges in the midst of print jobs, and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi printing options to simplify workflow processes. The e-Studio8508A also streamlines operations and takes the hassle out of constantly checking for depleted supplies or maintenance needs with a handy Notifications feature, paper volume indicators on the front panel and a simple, intuitive Help Button which provides instant explanations straight from the manual, delivering minimal disruption or obstruction for all your printing and document processing needs.


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