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What is Device Management Software?

In the technological world, it seems like there is a new term that needs to be learned almost every single day. Some are more self-explanatory than others, but at Copyworld we believe that it’s better to have them explained comprehensively instead of having you fend for yourself.

That’s why whenever new relevant terminology appears in our industry; we do our best to give our customers a full understanding of precisely what it is and why it can be useful to you or your business. You might be able to garner an inkling of what device management software is but the team at Copyworld are here to help, so continue to read to enhance your understanding of device management software.

A Broad Overview of Device Management Software

Firstly, we should break down the term considering it has several components that must be independently understood before we can wholly understand device management software. We’ll start with software, which means any application, program or operating information that exists on a computer or other device.

The devices you might have in your office which are compatible with device management software may be work-associated mobiles, computers and MFDs. Device management software solutions are often made to organise and facilitate specific devices relevant to a particular industry and make sure they operate in coordination with each other.

Further Explanation

Device management software is usually built with the business’ security measures and needs in mind, especially when considering devices brought from home, such as mobiles that may have sensitive data on them. The specialised software aims to eliminate the risk that an unsavoury third party steals this data.

Tracking and monitoring features such as statistics and information regarding usage can be brought up and analysed from a centrally based console. The device management software can also connect peripheral machines or hardware as part of a telecommunications infrastructure.

Device Management Software We Use

We have e-BRIDGE accounts available that accurately track usage, manage your costs and reduce your overall wastage. The device management software operates in real time and provides tabular and graphical reports that are easy to read and process.

Our e-BRIDGE accounts are compatible with a vast range of applications, and through their tracking and monitoring systems, businesses can change their practices accordingly and enjoy the savings.

The e-BRIDGE fleet management system improves up-time and device availability and well as delivering time-saving administration tools with flexible grouping and an intuitive, colour-coded tree-view display. Our device management software is reliable and ready to run smoothly across your network!

Our ID gates work to reduce downtime, increase security by limiting passwords and work with most existing office ID cards and are compatible with most MFDs.

If your business is ready to evolve into the world of device management software, then call the friendly team at Copyworld today to find out more!


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