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What Is Document Management? And How Can It Help Me?

No business can function properly, without daily viewing, editing and sharing of documents. The more documents your employees create for work, the more critical it becomes to have a system to avoid chaos. That is where a document management system comes in handy.

What Is Document Management?

It usually refers to Document Management Systems (DMS). These are digital systems that are installed and used to facilitate smooth and efficient flow of documents, across your organisation. All the essential documents are stored on central servers, instead of being stored in different locations. It helps the various employees in your organisation access information efficiently, effectively and securely. 

Why Is It Important?

Reduced Paper Documents

Installing a document management system will help your company reduce its use and reliance on paper documents. This will not only help the environment. It will also save you valuable office space. Storing paper documents requires filing cabinets, boxes and storage bins. With a document management system, you can store the hard copies of your files in an offsite warehouse.

Enhanced Security

The security of confidential documents is critical for many businesses. A competent document management system provides you with better control over sensitive data. You can control who can access specific documents. With document tracking, you will be able to trace who has viewed a particular file and how it was edited or modified. 

Efficient Document Flow

A document management system will organise any digital mess you have. All the files scattered between different laptops, PCs, mobile devices, e-mails and even hard copies make it difficult to find a particular document you need. Employees lose precious time searching for documents every day. That is why document management systems are considered time-saving tools. Through them, you can retrieve any files you need using just a word or a phrase. The documents can also be accessed remotely.

Better Collaboration

Information sharing and collaboration between employees is essential for any business today. With document management systems, all the documents collected from different sources can be retrieved from multiple locations. This makes document sharing much more straightforward. You can even grant access to certain documents to external users.

Document management systems also enable you to recover previous versions of the same documents, when needed. This feature allows safe collaboration on the same document between different users. Any unauthorised changes or mistakes can be traced and reversed. 

Toshiba’s document management software will save you money, grant you control over your data and protect any sensitive information. Copyworld is Toshiba’s preferred supplier of innovative document management solutions. Our services cover government, small, medium and enterprise businesses.

To develop long-term document management improvement strategies for your business, our specialists will assess your current document flow first. Then, we will incorporate a document management software that helps you retrieve, manage, deliver and secure your files.  

Make the workflow and access to information in your company go faster and more efficiently. Get in touch with Copyworld today!


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