Losing important data is one of the worst things that can happen to any business, small or large. Unfortunately, data loss seems to be an occurrence that any company that stores information digitally or not will have to worry about.  You need a data recovery service that meets the needs of your Adelaide business. That’s because destruction, crashes, and several unexpected things can affect your data.

The good news, however, is that Copyworld can help you recover your data. Our data recovery service is second to none and meets the needs of any Adelaide business, small or large, and large enterprises. Here are some of the services we provide in our data recovery service.

Determine If It’s Data Loss or Data Recovery

People tend to confuse data loss with disaster recovery. That’s why the first thing we do is clarify what happened. We first try to know whether you lost your data may be due to a virus or mistake. It’s important to note the distinction because recovering data lost is easier than in the case of disaster recovery.

If you lose your data along with some useful applications and machines, you’ll need a well mapped out recovery process. Because you will have to replace software and hardware.

Find Out the Causes

It’s important to know why there was data loss. If it was a natural disaster, we determine all the vulnerable places in your Adelaide office. However, if it is a human mistake, we can train your staff to ensure that such a mistake doesn’t reveal itself.

Extreme cases of virus infections destroy hardware so this plays in our disaster recovery process. If it’s the case of a virus, we will scan every office system and clear them of all viruses. After which, we will install an antivirus software.

Check for Recoverable Data

Even the Adelaide businesses that pay no attention to backing up have some data they can recover. We’ll check all your systems to see if there is any recoverable data. Our data recovery software can extract data from even the most damaged hard drives. So, our experts will focus on finding the data lost. After we find your data, you’ll decide on which data you want to keep or discard.

Not every data is important, and it’s important to make that distinction.

Protecting Your Business

The data recovery process is incomplete if your Adelaide businessdoes not have protection for future data losses. We’ll replace your network infrastructure and give you a more secure one. We will migrate your business to our cloud, where we will back up all your data.

Has your Adelaide business fallen victim to any data loss recently? 

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