When it comes to running a small business, it’s not uncommon for any software and technical issues to be passed onto whoever appears to be the most tech-savvy member of the staff. And while doing so may work for your business for the meantime, it’s not a sustainable practice.

If you’re an Adelaide business owner, you should be spending your time focusing on the growth and development of your business goals, not spending countless hours everyday bogged down by technological issues. Spending the money by investing in an IT professional support service is an excellent way to keep your business moving forward, without having to burden yourself with IT support issues.

Here at Copyworld, we have been helping businesses all over Adelaide and Australia with their IT support needs for over 30 years. Our professional team is comprised of experts in the industry who are committed to providing all of our customers with premium service and advice.

If investing in a professional IT support service is something you’re interested in, we’ve listed the top three things to look for in any company to help ensure you’ve made the right choice for you and your Adelaide business.

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Experience and Certifications

When hiring any professional service, you want to ensure the people undertaking the work are worth your investment. It involves getting an understanding of their industry knowledge and experience to ensure that they can support your business IT needs sufficiently. The last thing you’d want to make is an investment in a company that is learning on the job!

Be sure to ask about employees and their certifications, as well as their on-going training.

Proactive Management Approach

When you find an IT support company that you’re leaning towards, be sure to ask about their project management approach. Many will only work for you in a reactive manner, which means that they will only fix things when problems arise. While this approach is one that is highly used, it will take up a significant amount of your IT support needs.

However, the right IT service provider will be able to reduce the number of reactive services required by managing your business IT with a preventative approach. This approach typically involves monitoring your network for outages and issues, and can sometimes even result in knowing you have an outage even before you do!

Your IT support should be familiar with your industry environment and assist you in the selection of tools for your business making your team more productive and reducing downtime.

Communication Commitments

When looking to partner with an IT support service, you want to ensure that communication expectations from both ends are clear.

You should know the response times that are set out in your contract, and never be left wondering when problems are going to be fixed.

Premium Adelaide Support Services

If you’re looking for a premium approach to Adelaide IT support service, look no further than Copyworld. For well over 30 years now, we have been helping Australian businesses create a smoother and more straightforward IT department within their company. Each member of the Copyworld team is a professional with years of knowledge, experience and passion!