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What Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE Fleet Management System Can do for Your Business

Toshiba’s Innovative e-BRIDGE Fleet Management System takes the guesswork out of managing your office infrastructure.

In large office environments, it can be hard to keep track of the status of many printers or copiers. That is why Toshiba developed the innovative e-BRIDGE Fleet Management System.

Toshiba’s Fleet Management System eliminates headaches IT professionals and administrative support personnel encounter on a regular basis when trying to manage multiple devices. Trust us, your staff will sing your praises after you outfit your office infrastructure with Toshiba Multifunction Printers and the e-BRIDGE Fleet Management software suite.


For starters, they won’t have to actively manage all office devices. Instead, your team can focus on achieving mission critical objectives and tiresome micromanagement. Read on to learn more about the great benefits Toshiba’s fleet management software can provide to businesses of all sizes. We won’t spoil the surprise for you, but some of them include detailed status monitoring and custom reporting. These are features that we know you will fall in love with, but don’t just take our word for it.

Simplified Multifunction Device Management

With Toshiba’s Fleet Management System you can take full advantage of your investment in a multifunction device. The system improves the efficiency of your machines and lets you organise their availability. Now your employees won’t have to line up to use the printer anymore. If you’re a paper-heavy organisation (we’re looking at you legal offices, doctors, accountants, print shops and government offices), then you’ll agree that your multifunction printer is the backbone of the offices. That is why infrastructure stability and device availability is critical. Toshiba makes it easy to be proactive – whether you’re a small or big team you can enjoy next-generation active status monitoring on all of your linked devices.

Advanced Automated Reporting

Get every detail you require for optimising your device usage at the click of a button. The Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE Fleet Management System lets measure almost everything about how your office uses a device and automates repetitive administrative tasks. Some of these include: manual calculation of billing costs (this is particularly important for organisations who pass on printing costs); generating usage reports; black and white printing; colour printing costs; scanning and faxing. Now you can get every detail for the above with the touch of a button.

Device Monitoring

Buying or renting a Toshiba Multifunction Printer is an investment in efficiency and quality. However, if you’ve recently rented a Toshiba multifunction printer it is important that your staff are also working at peak efficiency. One without the other defeats the purpose. For example, if your machine suddenly goes off line, runs out of paper, or needs servicing, productivity may grind to a halt. This is where Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE Fleet Management System really shines: your IT staff or administrative personnel will be alerted to any potential disruption. In a sense, Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE Fleet Management System is like your office guardian angel – closely watching and monitoring device status and usage information. What’s even better is that the system is fully customisable to provide detailed pop-up alerts. It can even send emails to staff if the paper is too low.

Take the Stress out of Device Organisation

The management functions of Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE Fleet Management System are intuitive and easy to use. The System eliminates the complication of managing a fleet of multifunction devices through a simplified hierarchical tree-view of networked devices. The System guides your staff to and through problems as they occur. After a device is discovered on the network by the system, it can be assigned to a group based on, for example, where it is in the building – further simplifying device organisation. The System allows for up to ten levels of sub-grouping. Now you can be as specific or broad as you need.

Centralised Administration

One of the most valuable and efficient features of Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE Fleet Management System is its centralised administration window. Your IT staff can remotely manage and clone a range of MFD settings such as their address book or copy templates. Additionally, the system makes it a breeze to update the firmware of all e-STUDIO devices connected to the network.

Now that your multifunction devices operate efficiently, you’ll be getting much more done in less time. Your efficiency can also assist in reducing waste, helping not only your business but the planet. Say good-bye to having to figure out what’s wrong with your printer and relying on vague flashing lights to alert you to non-operation. By working smarter, instead of harder you’ll get the most out of your important office equipment. Remember, a tool is only as good as the hands it’s in, and with Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE Fleet Management System your organisation will enjoy a solid footing for operational success. Take advantage of Toshiba’s innovative software today and request a no obligation printer rental quote from Copyworld in Adelaide and Perth today.


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