Before barcodes, businesses relied on clerks to manually handle the data and keep track of the inventory. Today, Adelaide businesses of all sizes rely on using barcodes to facilitate their operations. A barcode printer is now standard equipment that most Adelaide businesses cannot function without.

For years, many businesses depended on a third-party to design, create and deliver their barcode labels. By getting a barcode printer, you will get the power back in your hands. However, you need to choose a reliable barcode printer that fulfils your Adelaide business needs.

Toshiba barcode printers are guaranteed to keep your Adelaide business productive, efficient and moving at best-in-class speed. Copyworld is the exclusive Toshiba business technology supplier for Adelaide and Perth. All of our barcode printers are easy to use. Their long-lasting print heads make them also low maintenance. They come in a wide array of sizes and designs to suit various business needs:


Toshiba is redefining the industrial barcode printer marketplace with the B-EX6 series. These printers are built to handle heavy-duty industrial printing. They combine durability with user-friendliness and flexibility.

The B-EX6 series come with both USB and Ethernet as standard connectivity options. There is also an option for Bluetooth functionality. Toshiba’s exclusive web tension control prevents thermal ribbon creasing. The advanced cost-saving features make this barcode printer an ideal choice for Adelaide businesses of any size.


If you are looking for a silent, stylish barcode printer that would seamlessly integrate into your Adelaide office, the Toshiba B-FV4D is your perfect choice. It is incredibly versatile and comes with a vast range of standard features and optional extras.


Our EP barcode printer range is some of the most compact machines in the market today. You can wear or carry the device all day, without feeling tired or uncomfortable. The EP barcode printer comes with impressive print speed and lightning-fast processing. It is ideal if your Adelaide business requires fast label printing on the go.

This thermal barcode printer also provides wireless functionality. It was designed to be durable inside out. Its rugged rubber corners enabled it to pass a 1.8-meter drop test on concrete. The rubber used on the external ports also protects the printer from any spills. That is why it is very suitable for a wide range of applications from retail to public services.


The Toshiba B-EX4T1 comes with ENERGY STAR compliance. It means that the system of this barcode printer meets the latest and most stringent environmental standards. Its power consumption is about fifty per cent lower on stand-by than competitor label printers.

Double-Sided Printing

To add more value and usability to the back of the paper, the DB-EA4D prints directly on both sides. This barcode printer will provide your Adelaide business with a low-cost, green printing solution.

Get a Toshiba barcode label printer and enjoy the peace of mind that only Toshiba can offer. Contact us today!