When it comes to running a professional business, you’ll find that your printer plays a vital role in running your business smoothly. Often, it isn’t until your office printer malfunctions that you realise how much you depend on these machines to get the day-to-day office tasks completed.

If you’re starting a new business, or merely setting up your small office for the first time you know that a printer is vital, but how do you know which printer is the right fit for your small office? You recognise that you need to buy something that is efficient, cost-effective and space savvy.

Start by venturing into Copyworld today! The 30 years that has given us much industry experience in the selling, leasing and servicing of printers can assure you that our professional team has the knowledge and expertise to help ensure you select a small office printer that meets all your needs and expectations.

To make the process a little less overwhelming, we have listed a few important points to consider when browsing for a new office printer below. Keep reading to discover more:

Think About What You Need From A Printer

Printers come in different shapes and sizes, as well as differing functionalities. When it comes time to purchase a new printer for your office space, take the time to consider what you will be using it for precisely. Doing so will not only help you select a make and model that will help you get the job done but also ensure that you don’t spend unnecessary money on features that you may not need.

Consider The Size Of Your Office Space

If you’re moving into a small office, you certainly don’t want your printer to be the centre of attention. Consider mapping out your new space and think about where your printer will be situated and measure the area. When shopping you’ll be able to work within those measurements and find a printer that is the perfect fit!

Printing Speed

If your small office requires the use of the printer continuously throughout the day, be sure to look for a printer that has a high printing speed function. Doing so will see no compromise to your staff’s productivity.

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