Many people are unsure as to whether to buy an MFD or a copier, printer and scanner as separate machines…find out why the MFD wins hands down!

MFD technology helps you reduce cost, streamline processes and bring together all aspects of your document lifecycles, bridging the gap between paper and electronic formats.

Toshiba technology can help you move away from a multi-asset environment creating a document hub that is part of your IT infrastructure.  These are no longer individual requirements and the E-Studio range allows you to cross boundaries of functionality in your working environment.


The hard cost benefit is a simple way to justify this technology as a typical fax machine costs around 7c per printed page versus your Toshiba MFD at around a cent!

Further there are numerous efficiencies involved that we would be happy to discuss with you. This could include a range of things such as ‘print to fax’ or recovery tools for that ever frustrating lost fax syndrome!


With print, again this is usually a ‘no-brainer’ due to the fact that if there is any reasonable print volume, the costs stack against each other.  Laserjets can cost upwards of 5c per page in black and white and your machine costs you a fixed amount around a cent.  The fixed element is important as no matter what you print it always remains the same – with a toner and consumable based device, the cost is going to be different dependent on the amount of toner.

Drum kits and fusers also wear, and differently with different stocks.  These are all chargeable elements along with any service call out fees associated with the printer.  Using an MFD, all costs are included in your fixed price, you just need to supply your own paper. It’s easy and its controllable and on top of this you get the numerous benefits of Toshiba Print driver technology and our additional print software solutions to increase productivity.  Ask us for more information and we would be happy to discuss your individual business requirements with you.


Scanning provides a portal for conversion of hard copy to soft copy. If you have documents on paper that you wish to store, put somewhere on your network or email on to people or groups of people, this facility is essential.  It also saves you money as scan to e-mail utilises a free communication service whereas fax costs you the phone call.

Combine basic scanning with more advanced re-rite (scan to word, excel, searchable PDF etc)  and/or one of our powerful archiving solutions like metascan or e-bridge Document Library and you have a formidable electronic document system in your workplace.