Printers play a significant role in the workings of any business. Whether you require a laser printer, wide-format inkjet or a plotter that can accommodate large CAD drawings, your printer can result in a significant cash outlay for any business. The option of renting printers has increased in popularity and proves to improve business cash flow, while also providing the devices you need to obtain and maintain with a competitive advantage.

If you’re looking at renting, Copyworld can help! Here at Copyworld, we have an extensive range of first-class Toshiba printers available for rent for your business. We specialise in providing large companies with all of their printer requirements, being the exclusive Toshiba multifunction device dealer in Adelaide and Perth.

To discover the multiple benefits that come with renting a printer for your large office, we have listed them below:

Stay Up To Date

How frequently you use your printer will play a role in the machine’s longevity. If you’re working in a large office, the chances are that your printer is getting used significantly. Printer renting agreements usually run month to month. This allows you to update your equipment as you need it and as your business grows.

If you’re finding that your office is outgrowing or outlasting your printer, renting one will allow you to plan for new technology and avoid investing in a machine that can quickly become obsolete.

Low Upfront Costs

Renting your printer will allow your business to obtain multiple printers with low upfront costs, only requiring a monthly fee. Reducing the need for upfront costs also will enable you to spend more on other areas of your business and achieving your business goals.

Continuous Maintenance And Support

One of the most significant benefits of renting a large office printer is your access to the continuing support and maintenance professionals. At Copyworld, we are committed to providing all of our clients with excellent service throughout all areas of their printing journey. Foremost, our objective is to provide our clients with ongoing and successful service relationships to ensure that your printer is running at it’s best.

We offer a range of printer maintenance services including a local call centre filled with highly knowledgeable crew, regularly scheduled maintenance and exceptionally skilled Toshiba technicians.

If you’re thinking about renting a printer for your large office, be sure to give the team at Copyworld a call today! We will help you find your ideal printing solution!