Copyworld has great options for all types or businesses. We catering to small, medium and large businesses as well as schools, hospitals, accountants, lawyers and government offices and much more.

You’ll be able to rent a range of products from large office printers to barcode printers. Copyworld has got you covered. Renting large office printers could be the best option for you and here’s why:

Preserve Capital 

Buying printers outright can potentially be a huge expense. Getting loans to finance these large costs can also end up costing you big time, as you could end up paying a significant amount in interest payments. If you decide to rent large office printers from Copyworld, you’ll be paying a much smaller amount upfront and the money that would normally be spent on the large office printers could be better utilised in areas such as staff growth or expansion plans.     

Creating A Fixed Cost

When purchasing large office printers, buying the products outright will mean that complex depreciation schedules will need to be created. This then leads to potentially uneven financial scenarios. Renting the large office printers will lead to the creation of a fixed cost which is tax deductible. 

Fresh Equipment 

Equipment rental is enerally done for a fixed period of time after which the gear is then returned to Copyworld. By choosing to rent you can plan your rental terms to coincide with the replacement cycle you want to maintain.  As the company grows and the use of the equipment increases having a proper leasing plan will allow you to upgrade as required. 


By choosing Copyworld for your large office printing needs you’ll have the significant advantage of having great technical support. Our team of experts are always ready to help you to ensure the large office printer, photocopier or multi functional device is working just right. 

If you decide to buy your own printer you will need to pay for your own repairs and rely on manufacturers for technical support. If the need for new parts or major repairs arise, you’ll be slapped with large expenses. 

Looks like the pros of renting your required equipment far outweighs the cons, come to think of it there don’t seem to be any cons here. Head to Copyworld and our team of experts will take good care of you making sure your office has everything it needs to be as efficient as possible.