Multi-function printers provide a convenient combination of productivity and simplicity. They are the best choice for offices with demanding printing, scanning and copying needs. Your multi-function printer will give all of these functions and more. Nowadays, business printing requirements are not just about printing speed and quality. That is why, some multi-function printers come with advanced features, such as network connectivity, that are essential for modern offices. 

Designed to do it all, your multi-function printer will save you money and precious office space. Instead of purchasing several devices, one compact, easy to use machine will meet all your needs. That is why multi-function printers are considered the central productivity hub at any office. 

Who Are We?

Copyworld is the exclusive Toshiba business technology supplier for Adelaide and Perth. We are their exclusive dealer for photocopiers, multi-function printers and facsimiles. To provide you with the best IT network support, we are also partners with Microsoft and other information technology companies.

Flexible Printer Rentals

A multi-function printer with the latest technology can come at a high price tag. That is why purchasing a multi-function printer is considered a cumbersome commitment. Additionally, the value of the printer will depreciate over time. Copyworld provides you with a better, cost-efficient solution. 

We are your dedicated local experts for printer, photocopier and multi-function device rentals. Our competitive rental rates will not only save you the cost of paying the whole purchasing price upfront. They are also tax deductible to provide you with additional financial benefits. We offer both short and long-term rentals, up to sixty months. 

Local Support

Our mission at Copyworld is not just to connect you with the latest multi-function printer technology. We have been serving the needs of clients across Australia for over thirty-two years. Our purpose-built offices in Adelaide and Perth and over sixty dedicated employees helped us accomplish that. 

By partnering with us, you will benefit from our local services. In addition to the hassle-free, flexible rentals, you will also enjoy the fast response of our local consultants and technicians. Having our local experts always nearby is not the only benefit. Unlike other manufacturers, we also hold our stock at local warehouses in Adelaide and Perth. This will minimise the downtime in your business by ensuring quick turnaround times on service and parts.


For over thirty-two years, Copyworld has been helping businesses reduce their costs and streamline their processes. This experience enabled us to recommend, deliver and install the right printer, photocopier or multi-function device for our clients, every single time. Today, over five-thousand businesses and public service organisations trust Copyworld for their managed printing services.

Our local consultants will not only help you choose the right multi-function printer for your office. They will also train your team to use it to its full potential. 

Get the latest Toshiba multi-function printer technology, without the high price tag. Call us today!