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Why You Should Rent a Printer For Your Business

Is your business using an out dated, inefficient printer because of the steep cost of buying a new one?

Rent The Best Toshiba Multifunction Printers From Copyworld

Is your business using an out dated, inefficient printer because of the steep cost of buying a new one? If so, you may want to consider renting a Toshiba multifunction printer. As Toshiba’s exclusive dealer in Adelaide and Perth, Copyworld can get you a great rental deal.

You’ll receive the latest technology, local support, parts, fast delivery and effortless installation.  Avoid international call centres and stop relying on interstate parts suppliers. We’ll help you focus on business, while we focus on your printers.

Technology is outpacing the speed with which businesses can keep up. In today’s competitive environment, it pays to have an edge. That is why renting a new printer makes sense, instead of waiting for your old MFP to die.

Buying a New Multifunction Printer Is Expensive

We get it: you may have bought your previous multifunction printer outright. Chances are, it wasn’t cheap. Some multifunction printers can cost more than a car. But, you don’t need to spend a small fortune to stay ahead of your competitors. Renting multifunction printers makes sense because you only pay for what you use. After all, an inefficient multifunction printer will cost you more time and money in the long run. This is something small to medium size businesses can’t afford to waste.

Having the Latest Tech Gives You a Serious Edge

It’s a given that modern devices perform better than their predecessors. A newer printer is more efficient and cost-effective to run than a previous model. Some benefits include: using fewer resources like toner and paper, or programming to reduce print volume. Some new Toshiba printers even let you re-use the same piece of paper up to five times, slashing printing costs by 500%.

They’re also far better engineered and are less likely to break or malfunction than legacy models. By using the latest technology smart software, your staff will spend less time managing documents and more time delivering results. Renting a new multifunction printer will give your business a significant boost in productivity.

As your business grows it’s important to make investments in equipment and resources to deal with increasing operational requirements. A printer is the backbone of any modern office and should be upgraded the same as you would for any important office asset.

Get the Latest Multifunction Printer For Less

Buying expensive office equipment is rarely cost-effective. Unless it’s fallen off the back of a truck, you’ll be tying up working capital for use in other areas of business. But, if you rent a photocopier you will avoid the initial capital outlay and avoid the drain on your budget. Please note, Copyworld does not recommend buying anything off the back of a truck. Ever.

Buying a new multifunction printer also doesn’t provide the same tax benefits that renting does. When you buy a multifunction printer outright, the only benefit you gain is depreciation as a business asset. Yet, renting can reduce your tax bill because the cost is deductible as a business expense. Generally, if you buy a printer outright, you can claim 40% of the price against tax in the first year.

Instead, you should explore rental options with flexible terms and repayment options. When it comes to renting multifunction office printers, nobody beats Copyworld’s flexible terms. We offer short term and long term rentals up to sixty months. Pay for what you need and avoid large unexpected expenditure. Intersted? Get a Toshiba office printer rental quote.

Option 1: Renting Hardware and Buying Consumables

If you opt for a rental only contract, you will pay a fixed sum each month for the device with service and toner being extra costs on top. This option may be more beneficial for businesses with sporadic or inconsistent printing needs and allows you to set up your print environment sooner.

This option is ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises that need to conserve cash and rely on printed materials for marketing or promotions. Print shops and publishers, we’re looking at you!

Option 2: Rent the hardware, pay a cost per page for consumables and service

This option involves entering a contract where you pay a fixed rental fee for the printer plus a fixed cost per page to cover the materials and service for the printer. It is generally based on a minimum number of pages per month. If your office requires an expensive printer and pricey toner this can help budgeting and stagger operational costs each month. One of the great benefits of paying a cost per page is that you won’t need to remember to order your own toner as the contract generally includes automatic delivery of materials.

This option is ideal for SME’s that print frequently and want to avoid unexpected spikes in consumable costs. Keeping track of your usage and managing costs is easy with Toshiba’s E-Bridge Fleet Management Software.

Option 3: All -inclusive cost per page contract

This type of contract specifies an all-inclusive cost per page, based on a minimum monthly print volume. Basically, the combined cost of the device, service, and toner is divided across the number of pages you print. This way you can know exactly how much each printed page costs your business. With this contract, you will only pay for what you print assuming you meet the minimum monthly amount. Because the costs per page are known it makes it easier to pass costs on to clients or compare the cost of outsourcing printing.

This option is ideal for small business in client or professional service industries or those that often outsource print jobs and can benefit from knowing the exact cost per page.


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