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Your Next Multi-Function Printer Must Have These Key Features!

Choosing the right multifunction printer to suit your workplace can prove challenging if you’re scrolling through a website unguided and without any extra help. In the world of multifunction printers, it’s easy to get left behind when it comes to new features, and you don’t want to get caught purchasing an obsolete model.

At Copyworld, we have been the experts in multifunction printers in Adelaide ever since they first became popular and we continue to offer models that are at the forefront of the industry. We fully understand that time is valuable and that you don’t have all day to research the intricacies of various multifunction printers and that’s why we present to you this helpful guide!

Your multifunction printer will need to accommodate not only your needs but the needs of everyone who’ll come into contact with it in your office. So, naturally, an easy to use multifunction printer is an excellent multifunction printer!

Customisable Display

Today, most office workers are familiar and comfortable with touch screen tablets and interfaces. However, note that it’s most likely that workers get used to working with these interfaces in a slightly different manner from each other.

That’s why undoubtedly one of the most important features to include on your next multifunction printer purchase is a customisable tablet display that has options to suit individual preferences. Every employee can log on to the multifunction printer via their security card or other method and instantly see their personal display preferences.

A feature like this minimises downtime where employees may become confused with unfamiliar settings and makes sure always to accommodate their specific needs.

Print from Mobile and USB

Convenience is vital if you want a multifunction printer to suit the broadest range of employees possible. To achieve a multifunction printer that’s universally easy to use, then printing straight from mobiles and USB is a necessity.

Having the ability to plug your USB drive into the multifunction printer to print is extremely handy. Additionally, the capability of scanning documents straight onto the drive also does wonders for convenience.

Often in workplaces in the modern age, employees receive emails and important documents directly to their own mobile devices. Your next multifunction printer should come with the capability to work with your employees own mobile devices as this feature will most likely become more relevant moving into the future.

What Else?

The team at Copyworld know multifunction printers like the backs of our hands and will be happy to assist you in selecting the next significant addition to your office space. We offer some of the newest models on the market and associate with top brands to bring you the best available devices.

If you want additional information about your next purchase, then please don’t hesitate to call the experts at Copyworld! A helpful and friendly member of our crew will be happy to assist you and get you moving in the right direction.


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